Acoustic Boards

Refined to a high standard

Room acoustics play an important role in concert halls, office buildings, hotels and various private areas. SUN WOOD offers a variety of acoustic panels in different formats & designs that not only absorb the sound, but also reduce the reverberation time and thus improve the sound quality. The special surface of the panels breaks the propagation of the sound and thus reduces annoying noises.

Old wood, oak wood, concrete or BURNT WOOD – over 100 different designs are available on acoustic panels from different manufacturers. Do you use acoustic panels from your own manufacturer? No problem! Choose from our wide range of high-quality SUN WOOD designs and let us refine them!

Our manufacturers: Admonter, Burke Acoustics, Haro, Ligno Trend (other manufacturers possible on request)

acoustic panels overview
Trägermaterial: Standard: Spanplatten
Alternative Trägermaterialien (3-Schicht-, MDF-, HDF- & Sperrholzplatten, Balken, Nut- und Federbrett) auf Anfrage erhältlich.
Dekor: Einseitig (optional beidseitig)
Oberfläche: Je nach Dekor:
Rau mit geprägten Löchern bzw. Glatt
Standard Oberflächen anzeigen
Plattenformate: Plattenformate anzeigen
Preis / m2: auf Anfrage
Anwendungsbereiche: Wand- und Deckenverkleidung, Möbel- und Innenausbau
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Breaking sound waves

Unfortunately, poor acoustics are a common problem in many large and open spaces. This is because the waves of sound (sound) hit a hard surface and then bounce off across the room, creating a reverberation effect.

The special design of the SUN WOOD acoustic panels (with either a grooved or perforated surface) prevents the creation of sound reflections in a room. This automatically creates a pleasant and calm atmosphere in the room.

Acoustic panels generally result in effective shielding from external influences, making the sound experience clearer and fuller.

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Easy handling

Due to the low weight and the nature of the SUN WOOD acoustic panels, they are easy to install (e.g. with clip-on system rails using commercially available clip-on strips or 45° cut wooden strips) and can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Available in all SUN WOOD designs

Our acoustic panels are characterized by their elegant and subtle structure. More than 100 designs are available, depending on which setting is to be created or into which existing interior concepts the panels are to be integrated.