From October 2016, Sun Wood wall panellings made of wood are not only available throughout Europe, but also at our partner “Timber Merchants” in Cape Town, South Africa.

Wooden wall panellings are becoming more and more popular. Wooden wall panellings are not only used in a big style in the hotel business and industry, but also in more and more private houses and apartments.

Wall panelling made of wood

The first two pictures show a board panelling in the design White and Grey, whereas the right picture shows a board panelling in the old wood design “Shed planks 03”.

Easy assembly

The planks and panels are easy to transport, edit and assemble. The assembly is the same as for standard materials. No special tool is needed!

For the assembly of wall panelling the following is sufficient

  • a padsaw
  • a cutting and miter saw
  • a cordless screwdriver
  • wood screws

Wall panelling with wooden boards

The tongue and groove boards, as well as the slightly higher profile boards, are ideal for the production of decorative wall panels. The solid and on the backside slotted tongue and groove panels are available up to 5 meters (196.85“ in) in length and are ideal for larger walls.

Panelling with wood panels

Decorative and special, not? Sun Wood wall panellings can be applied to a variety of supporting materials. Depending on the requirements and application area, the correct material is used.

New partner in South Africa


No less than 10,000 km of air line separates the manufacturer of Sun Wood wall panellings with our newest partner in Cape Town, the capital of South Africa.

The managing director of Timber Merchants, a Viennese native, is well-known of wood products from Salzburg and Tyrol. There was no way to pass Sun Wood with high-quality panellings. The wall panellings made of wooden panels or wooden boards are as much in demand in the design of old-wood as in the collection of fruit trees.

More modern and special are our wooden boards with colored coat and highlighted wood grain. Sun Wood Color is the name of this collection, which has been designed especially for modern living. Chipboards and planks are as possible as the production of unusual furniture.

Other wood products

Up to the southernmost point of Africa, the wall panellings require by ship only a few weeks. In the spacious ship containers there are palce for 5 x 2.5 m (196.85 x 98.43“ in) panels as well as 5 meters (196.85“ in) long wooden boards and XL conference tables up to 5 meters (196.85“ in).


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