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SUN WOOD by Stainer has set itself the task of producing old and precious wood tables 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The secret is a special manufacturing process that even enables reproducing rare and protected wood species such as tropical wood.

Only from SUN WOOD you get a rustic old wood design table or tables with precious wood design made from one single wood panel.

Local Wood

For our old wood tables only PEFC certified spruce wood from local forestry is used. SUN WOOD treats these wood panels in a special printing and coating process. The finished product is practically indistinguishable from natural wood.

As a standard a 4 cm thick wood panel is used. For large or particularly impressive tables, table tops with 6 or 8 cm thickness can be used.

Precious wood tables are available up to 3 x 2 m and old wood tables up to 5 x 2 m in one piece. On request tables are also possible up to 10m.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

The fascination of old wood and rustic grain, for precious wood and tropical wood led to the development of a new technology. That allows reproducing different wood species as often as desired. According to the motto „Developed to Keep“, SUN WOOD contributes to the protection of species and nature, especially in the area of tropical timber and precious wood.

Additionally we also want to make a sustainable contribution to the preservation of the rainforest. Through the purchase of 5000 m2 of rainforest in Costa Rica, we support the project „Rainforest of the Austrians“ – an association for the promotion and rescue of the Esquinas-rainforest.

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