Giant XL Table

Huge solid wood conference tables

We manufacture unique large tables made from solid wood up to 5, 10 or 15 meters long, according to your individual wishes. These giant works of art are made from one long solid wood panel and can only be found at Sun Wood.

Precious wood table Mango 4,8 x 1,38 m (€ 4980,- incl. 20% VAT)

Antique Wood Decor Silver Mine Table 3,7 x 1,6 m (€ 2953,- incl. 20% VAT)

Antique Wood Decor Table Havana 24 x 1,2 m (€ 4763,- incl. 20% VAT. for 9 m)

Precious Wood Decor Easter Pine Table 4 x 1 m (€ 3558,- incl. 20% VAT)

Table Elm Decor 4,3 x 2 m (€ 4980,- incl. 20% VAT)

Maple Crotch Decor Table 5 x 1,27 m (€ 4980,- incl. 20% VAT)

Each XL Table from Sun Woood impresses with elegance and stability, weighs over 100 kg and is crafted from a 3-layer wood panel.

The table panels are all manufactured from 6 cm thick, solid spruce and beech wood. You can find tables up to 2,3 m on our online shop with free shipping in Germany and Austria.