Unique Wood Tables - Stainer Sun Wood
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Unique wood tables made from spruce and beech wood

Sun Wood Unique tables are a special addition to our product palette and are manufactured from solid wood. These unique pieces are distinguished by very special table tops from precious and rare woods or by their unusual table leg design.

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Precious Wood Table Mango

Precious Wood Table Acacia

Precious Wood Chestnut

Precious Wood Table Nut

Sun Wood Color Coffee Table

Precious Wood Table Tamarind


Dining Table Nut Europe

We can manufacture Unique Tables in almost any size and thickness up to 5 x 2 m (196.85″ x 78.74″ in) and upon request up to 20 meters (787.40″ in) long. Sun Wood Unique Tables are one-of-a-kind tables for your home.  We have the perfect eye-catcher for your home or conference table for creating an inspiring office environment. View all dining tables.