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Individual formats are available upon request.

Design Plum 506

Decor: Subtle rosé– and red tones surrounded by areas of neutral beige and light brown create a lively design decor. Combined with a vivid wood grain, Plum 506 will transform any living space into a warm and inviting atmosphere.

3-Layer Panels: The standard design Plum 506 has a chipped and brushed surface.

The 3-layer panels are available in the following standard formats:

5000mm x 2050mm x 19mm (196″ x 80″ x 0.75″ in.) | 5000mm x 1250mm x 19mm (196″ x 49″ x 0.75″ in.)

2990mm x 2050mm x 19mm  (117″ x 80″ x  0.75″ in.) | 2500mm x 1250mm x 19mm  (98″ x 49″ x 0.75″ in.)

Choose from the following support materials: 3-layer panels,  MDF panels, veneer chipboards, chipboard with decor foil, wooden laths, composite lumber, plywood panels, tongue & groove boards, shelf boards, veneer

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