Edge Solutions

Cut edges always show a different appearance than a finished surface. To conceal raw edges and borders, we offer several options. The most popular variants are high-quality real wood veneer edges, edges made of ABS-plastic, squared timbers and solid wooden beams. A simple and cost-effective solution is painting with a glaze color.

Veneer Edges & ABS Edges

We have the right edge recommendation for you! In veneer or plastic.


Wooden Beams & Squared Timbers

We have the appropriate solid wood solution for every format. From the wooden strip to glued laminated beams, all available with 4-sided design!

Holzbalken und Kantholz

Glaze Color

We have the right glaze color for every wood.

Lasurfarbe für Holzkante

Cover the defects

To repair cut edges, dents, scratches and abrasion we offer a glaze color. This is simply painted over the affected area. For smaller scratches, we have matching retouching pens for every wood appearance with which exact repairs can be carried out.

Glaze Color

Lasurfarbe für Holz

Retouching Pens


Great solutions to make your SUN WOOD products look even better. As you can see, there is the matching solid wood beam for a good completion for the white wall covering.

Holzvertäfelung weiß