Stainer has been offering a range of facade solutions for 45 years, which can be warranted according to the application and theme with an approx. 10-year color performance.

We would be pleased to advice you on request about the possibility, to print wood decors also on the following facade panels: aluminum facades, eternit facades, compact facades, glass facades, sheet metal facades, membrane facades, GKD stainless steel fabrics, concrete facades (fiber cement) and many more, which can be printed in digital printing as well as in screen printing.

antique wood-wellness-area

Aluminium pilaster facade – Zoo Heidelberg, Germany


Glass facade (ceramic screen printing) – Petrom City Bucharest


fiber cement / eternit facade – primary school in Grefiswald, Germany


stainless steel fabrics – Samsung Headquater Center in California

Wood in outdoor mission

Stainer and Sun Wood is a print service provider for decorated wood, which is basically suitable for indoor use.

Printed wood in the outdoor area is only suitable for a few years, as the wood (due to the influence of the weather) changes and thus also the wood theme. The weathering processes can certainly be delayed by additional protective finishing. Therefore, we cannot assume any guarantees or warranties.

The timber retailer will gladly provide you with information on whether planks, 3-layer panels or BBS planks (also known as cross-laminated wood or glued laminated timber) are suitable for outdoor use with a sufficiently large canopy.

Wooden facade solution

In order to permanently preserve a printed wooden facade, it is absolutely necessary that the printed panel defy the weather and does not change. If the facade panel (whether wood, plastic or metal) decomposes, also the print decomposes! Accoya wood is certainly a top wood product here, which remains extremely stable for many years (25-50 years, according to manufacturer) due to a special treatment. In principle, you can plan the same facades with these wood panels as for example with aluminum boards, eternit etc. Available as profile panels or as facade panels up to 4750 x 1200 mm (187.01″ x 47.24″ in). We would be happy to advise you about these possibilities.

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