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Design Parquet

Technical Details

Product Multilayered parquet in three-layer construction, manufactured in accordance with EN 13489 “Multilayered Flooring”
Dimensions 2200 x 222 x 14 mm, 6 planks/package = 2.93 m²
Cover layer 1-sheet plank made of selected oak hardwood
Core layer Central European coniferous wood in spruce or pine
Back side Peeled veneer made of spruce wood
Wood moisture At the time of delivery u = 7 ± according to EN 13489
Gluing Amino-glue of the latest generation, formaldehyde-declaration-free
Surface Our UV coatings are solvent and emission-free, have practically 100% solid content and anti-scratch protection to prevent fine scratches in the lacquer and are set so hard elastic that slight impressions in the wood lead to no paint breakage. The closed-pored, antistatic paint finish guarantees lowest contamination and easy cleaning without additional additives! Gloss grade matt has 9 ± 2 gloss levels (at 60° reflection angle)
Wrapping 6 planks / package with protection box and installation instructions in about every 4th package
Weights Approx. 8 kg/m2, approx. 15 kg per package
Installation Glueless installation with a NovoLOC5G click-system, piece-wise fold-down floating installation or fully glued to the standard-compliant underground
Fire protection class Cfe-s1 for full-surface bonding, otherwise Dfe-s1
Underfloor heating Suitable, RT = 0.101 m²K/W, please refer to our data sheet for installation over underfloor heating systems.
Range of application Floors and walls, living and contract areas (corresponding to the highest use class C according to ÖNORM C2354)
Wet areas Not suitable for wet areas, baths, and similar


The wear layer thickness is approx. 3.6 mm. As a rule, this can be sanded off at least twice, since about 0.6 to 0.9 mm of material are removed per cut. With a remaining useful layer of 1.5 mm the suitability is still given. The Sun Wood design topcoat disappears completely and the surface become “rustic oak“.


For the treatment of damaged areas we recommend our protective varnish “Sprühkönig Ansatzlos PLUS“.


  1. Remove grease and dirt from the floor
  2. Shake the spray can well before use
  3. Clean or reload the floor after at least 12 hours

Mechanical damage or deep scratches are repaired with a special wax. The protective layer again forms the protective lacquer.

Indoor climate

The indoor temperature should be between 18 °C and 24 °C! The relative humidity should be always between 30% and 65%! This almost always requires powerful room humidification during the heating period! For this purpose, cold humidifiers with integrated sterilization are recommended.

The installation of a FIDBOX registers the indoor climate in and around the parquet floor for years, it reports deviations from the correct climate and can be conveniently read out via mobile phone app.


Sun Wood multi-layer parquet elements according to ÖNORM EN 13489 up to a thickness of 1.2 cm are to be glued over their entire surface, from a thickness of 1.3 cm they may also be laid floating or nailed. When using a underfloor heating, the floor must be glued. Continue reading.

Fire protection

Reaction to fire Floating installation: Dfl-s1
Glue-down installation on screed: Cfl-s1
500 kg/m3 density, 9 mm thickness
Emission of formaldehyde E1
Emission of pentachlorphenole <5 x 10-6
Release of dangerous substances Fulfills demands of AgBB-scheme
Breaking strength NPD
Slipperiness NPD
Thermal conductivity 0.14 W/mK
Biological durability Class 1