Multilayered parquet 1000 x 90 x 11 mm

Aufbau Sun Wood Parkett 1000 500

Technical Data

2-layer parquet with oak cover layer and modern design finish

  • Approx. 3.6 mm solid wood oak flooring

  • Click system – easy to install

  • Suitable for underfloor heating

  • Full-surface bonding

  • Front edge impregnation

  • Durable, because it can be resanded

Sun Wood parquet is the perfect complement to the walls, ceilings, tables and furniture of Sun Wood.

  • Format – 1000 x 90 x 11 mm

  • Package size – 24 pieces (2.16 m²)

Laying patterns

Fischgrät Parkett Verlegeart


Doppelfischgrät Parkett-Verlegeart


3-Fach-Zopf Parkett-Verlegeart


Naturriemen Parkett-Verlegeart

Natural lamella

Riemenverband Parkett-Verlegeart

Lamella pattern

Technical Details

ProductMultilayered parquet in two-layer construction, manufactured in accordance with EN 13489 “Multilayered Flooring”
Dimensions1000 x 90 x 11 mm, 24 pieces/Package = 2.16 m²
Cover layer1-sheet plank made of selected oak hardwood
Core layerCentral European coniferous wood in spruce or pine
Back sidePeeled veneer made of spruce wood
Wood moistureAt the time of delivery u = 7 ± according to EN 13489
GluingAmino-glue of the latest generation, formaldehyde-declaration-free
SurfaceOur UV coatings are solvent- and emission-free, have 100% solids content and anti-scratch protection to prevent fine scratches in the finish, and made of such tough elastic that slight impressions in the wood cause no damage to the finish. The closed-pored, antistatic paint finish guarantees lowest contamination and easy cleaning without additional additives! The matt gloss level has 9 ± 2 gloss degrees (at 60° reflection angle)
Wrapping24 pieces/package
WeightApprox. 8 kg/m²
InstallationBonding on screed and floor-compatible wooden materials
Fire ratingCfe-s1 for full-surface bonding, otherwise Dfe-s1
Underfloor heatingSuitable, RT = 0.078 m²K/W, please see our leaflet on underfloor heating system installation
Application rangeFloor and walls, redidential and commercial areas (conform the highest use class C in accordance ÖNORM C2354, DIN EN 14342) More information
Wet roomsNot suitable for damp rooms, bathrooms, etc.
Abrasion classFalling Sand method – about 2,000 rotations