More and more wooden houses are built with glued laminated timber. Now it is possible to have the wood elements refined by Sun Wood before the installation. Beside the refinement with old and precious wood decors also modern picture prints are possible.

Construction with glued laminated timber

No residual moisture, no fired bricks, “warm” surface texture, high load-bearing capacity, fire-safe, ecological and sustainable. Building with glued laminated timber is great!

Due to the high load-bearing capacity of cross-glued wooden boards, smaller component thicknesses can be achieved as with concrete. BBS has the characteristics of a vapour barrier, which allows largely film-free constructions.

In summer as in winter, the solid wood provides constant climatic conditions.

In the interior, the wood optics can be maintained or plastered as usual. Due to Sun Wood also old wood and fruit decors as well as individual pictures are possible.

What is BBS?

BBS is a shortcut of the well-known wood supplier Binderholz and stands for “binderholz Brettsperrholz”.

What is glued laminated timber?

Glued laminated timber is multi-layered and solidly made of wood. In doing so, several longitudinal and transverse layers are glued together in order to prevent warping and “working” of the wood, as with all plywoods.

In fact, very less wood glue is used as bonding material between the wood layers. Binderholz only talk about 0.6% ecologically harmless glue. This fits perfectly into the sustainable philosophy of Sun Wood.

Prefabricated house



Such solid prefabricated piece of laminated wood can carry huge loads, is fire-safe, is dry-installed, sound-absorbing and is an excellent insulator. Wood regulates the room moisture and thus creates a pleasant living climate, whether it’s summer or winter.


Sun Wood’s refined glued laminated timber is available in the following formats:

  • System format BBS 125: System width 125 cm (49.21“ in.)
  • Large format BBS XL: maximum width 3,50 m (137.80“ in.)

Both formats can be used in combination, which allows architects to make a simple and cost-effective planning. All information about BBS can be found here.

More information for architects

In combination with glued laminated timber, it is also possible to use solid wood beams. For example, for a roof truss.