Sun Wood Antique Wood Panels create an authentic ambiance in a beer tent.

The Gäubodenvolksfest in Straubing has developed into the second largest public festival after the Munich Octoberfest. The festival can claim over 1,3 million visitors annually.

A 100.000m2 amusement park with over 140 showmen, seven beer tents with room for 26.000 guests and 700 exhibitors in a 55.000m2 exhibition area provide for fun and a good atmosphere for guests of the event.

This years 200. anniversary of the festival will be celebrated with a variety of events. Sun Wood will contribute to the rustic „Stahl“ festival tent atmosphere with approx. 1.900m2 of the sun-aged antique wood look Sun Wood „TYROL“ decor, installed inside and outside of the festival tent by the joinery Schmerbeck.