SUN WOOD goes Colombia

Every year, over thousand square meters of forest area are lost in Colombia, because large parts of the forests are destroyed by slash-and-burn for profitable livestock farming. In addition, tropical pine trees, Acacia mangium or Jatropha grow predominantly in Colombia. Our local woods are therefore very popular in Central and South America. Our first Colombian dealer Spacio Positivo S.A.S has now ordered profile boards in design Shed Planks 03 for the redesign of an apartment in Bogotá.

Vergrautes Holz für Wand und Decke

Design Shed Planks

Wood is a living, organic raw material and is very sensitive to external influences. The graying process of wood is caused by several factors. Sunrays, weather conditions and time play a major role. For the interior design of walls and ceilings, we can reproduce on different materials the look of spruce wood that reflects the transience of wood but is free of mold, algae and fungal attack.