Sun Woods wooden panelling brings a traditional look into any modern surroundings. Old wood as a wood panelling has a traditional and rustic appearance, while the fragrant varieties of fruitwood appear relaxing and friendly.

Not only architects count on the look of old wooden boards. In old rooms and restaurants, wood panelling made of spruce and oak is a must. In traditional restaurants, often built in a grand style, so much dark old wood in apartments and modern concrete buildings is very dark. For this we offer a simple solution: many bright wood decors. If the old wood, marked by wind and weather, is used in combination with concrete or raw walls, an ingenious combination of modern tradition is quickly created.

Are you looking for examples and living concepts? Just go through our references.

Even minimalist rooms with a single wood panelling shine in a whole new splendor and look much more homely.

Wandverkleidung Holzvertäfelung weiß

You can create attractive accents and provide cosiness with old wooden walls, colored wooden boards or even fragrant fruit wood. Yes, you read it right! Sun Wood Fruitwood impress with fragrance of real fruit!

Look and feeling

Sun Wood wood panelling is completely produced without foil and veneer. This not only creates a true 3D look but also the genuine, natural feeling of brushed and chopped wood.

Assembly of a wood panelling

We installed a camera during the assembly of our wood panelling. The construction is simple and can be done by any do-it-yourselfer.

Install support plates

The thickness of the wood for the slats depends on the size and weight of the wood panelling. For our tongue and groove boards, wooden plates of 20 x 40 mm are enough. They are screwed in two or three rows vertical to the wall. The individual wooden boards or wooden panels are now screwed onto these support plates. Veneering edges or solid wood beams form the end.

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Buy wood panelling online

You can order the most popular decors in form of tongue and groove boards in our Onlineshop. With two packs you already reach a ceiling height of 2.7 m (106.30“ in.). You can order wooden boards by phone or e-mail.

Matching to our wood panelling we deliver as finishing wood slats or wooden beams.


  • High quality material
  • Warm feeling
  • Additional insulation
  • Influences the sense of space
  • Wall irregularities can be compensated
  • Value-adding