SUN WOOD is constantly expanding the range of wooden wall coverings for indoor use. While rustic wall coverings extend the reclaimed wood collection, the trend design collection features colorful, extraordinary woods from all over the world.

A wooden wall covering has recently undergone a renaissance. Wooden wall coverings are not only used in a big style in the hotel business and industry, but also in more and more private houses and apartments. 3-layer panels or practical tongue- and groove boards with special designs from SUN WOOD are used.

Wall covering made of wood


Interior wooden wall coverings are suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, offices but also in the business area for shops and hotels.

Easy assembly

The boards and panels are easy to transport, edit and assemble. The installation of the wall coverings is very simple, no special tool is needed!

For the assembly of wall panelling the following is sufficient

  • a padsaw
  • a cutting and miter saw
  • a cordless screwdriver
  • wood screws

Tongue- and groove boards & profile boards

Tongue and groove boards, as well as the slightly higher profile boards, are ideal for the production of artistic and decorative wall coverings. The solid and on the backside slotted tongue and groove boards are available up to 5 meters in length and are ideal for larger walls.

Paneling with wood panels

Decorative and special – wood wall coverings can be applied to different supporting materials. Depending on the requirements and application area, the correct material is used. We are happy to give you more information!

Buy online

Wood for your wall panels can be purchased from our distributors and in addition, the most popular models are also available as profile boards in the online shop.