Lightweight panels

Refined to a high standard

Lightweight boards impress with their efficiency and economy – now they also convince in design! We refine lightweight panels in over 100 different designs. In contrast to our conventional carrier materials such as the spruce 3-layer board or MDF board, the lightweight boards are significantly lighter and thus easier to handle. Ideal for resource-saving trade fair and shop construction as well as furniture construction.

Note: We are not a manufacturer of lightweight panels. We refine the products of all well-known producers with our designs.

Our range of lightweight panels:

  • lisocore® ultra-light
    Nr. 171-30-0150-4001-01
    2.440 x 1.220 x 19 mm | 3,2 kg/m2
    Plywood top layer
  • SWEDBOARD® Fiber Premium
    Nr. SWKPSB16A305WH
    3.050 x 2.030 x 16 mm | 2,4 kg/m2
    Pure cardboard panel

Do you use lightweight panels from your own manufacturer? No problem! Choose from our wide range of designs and let us refine them!

lightweight panels overview
Trägermaterial: Standard: Spanplatten
Alternative Trägermaterialien (3-Schicht-, MDF-, HDF- & Sperrholzplatten, Balken, Nut- und Federbrett) auf Anfrage erhältlich.
Dekor: Einseitig (optional beidseitig)
Oberfläche: Je nach Dekor:
Rau mit geprägten Löchern bzw. Glatt
Standard Oberflächen anzeigen
Plattenformate: Plattenformate anzeigen
Preis / m2: auf Anfrage
Anwendungsbereiche: Wand- und Deckenverkleidung, Möbel- und Innenausbau
Leichtbauplatten Visualisierung
Leichtbauplatten in Rinde Optik
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Modern in design, light in weight

Lightweight panels save material and offer high strength. They are a sustainable alternative to conventional composite materials. Due to their nature, our lightweight panels are easy to edit or process with all conventional tools and machines. E.g. fitting attachment with clamps and screws, fast and secure screw attachments, free-form machining and much more.

Areas of application: Caravan interior design, functional ceilings, furniture construction, shop and exhibition stand construction, sliding doors, wall coverings and much more.

Spaltholz Vis 1

Robust material

Due to their mechanical stability, SUN WOOD lightweight panels are impressive in terms of their long service life and service life, which means that a new impression is retained even after years. Due to the air pockets within the core layer, our lightweight panels also have good thermal insulation and noise reduction.

Available in all SUN WOOD designs

Our lightweight panels are characterized by their diverse finishing options. More than 100 designs are available, depending on which setting is to be created or into which existing interior concepts the panels are to be integrated.