It’s possible – For the sake of our future!

A life without precious woods – Without missing out on their beauty!

Stainer stands for innovation since over 40 years. The fascination for old wood, special grains, precious- and tropical woods has led SUN WOOD to develop a technology allowing us to reproduce exotic and rare woods, while saving the originals from harvest.

According to the motto „Sunstainable Innovation“ SUN WOOD by Stainer offers a species- and resource-saving alternative to tropical woods. This innovative, flexible SUN WOOD Technology consists of a surface treatment which enhances, refines and protects the appearance of the wood.

We want to make a sustainable contribution to nature and the conservation of the rain forest. Through the purchase of 5000 m2- of rain forest in Costa Rica, we support the project  „Rain Forest of the Austrians“ – an association for the fostering and protection of the Esquinas-Rain Forest.

This project is entirely financed by contributions. If you like, you can also contribute towards the protection of the rain forest.


The ecological importance of tropical forests

The survival of tropical rain forests is crucial for man: Apart from their variety of species and beauty, they fulfill a myriad of important functions not only important for their own inhabitants. They function as a pantry, pharmacy, water storage and climate regulator in one. 80 percent of our useful tropical crops come from the rain forest areas, such as bananas, cocoa and rubber. Many animal- and plant species are still to be discovered, and only about 1 percent has even been scientifically analysed. However, more than a quarter of our prescription medications come from this small percentage of species.  Thanks to their composition, other species can be used as useful pesticides. Rain forests function as giant sponges, soaking up rain water and sweating it out through leaves. They produce their own clouds and provide precipitation for dry areas far away with their cycle of evaporation. Additionally, tropical rain forests play an important role as “green lung”. They store massive amounts of carbon dioxide, reducing the global warming caused by humans.

Tropical Rain Forests at Risk

The five largest rain forest areas in Asia, Africa, Madagascar, South America and New Guinea are at risk to varying degrees due to a vast variety of human activities. Commercial wood harvesting and its growth is the most important cause, especially in Southeast Asia. The legal and illegal harvest of wood is often the main factor of the disappearance of rain forest. Many species in Southeast Asia are being destroyed since the domestic market is less selective than the export market. The building of new roads and infrastructure require increased wood harvesting, illegal harvesting and destruction, resulting in the increase of wildfires.

The Effects of the Destruction of our Forests

The effects of global warming are contributing to the destruction of the rain forest. Climate models show changes of temperature and precipitation which exceed the tolerance spectrum of many species. In most regions, the interaction of these climate changes will exact an even larger effect than forecasted. Timber extraction causes longer periods of drought.  Tropical rain forest offer not only a home for (endangered) animal species, but for people as well. Indigenous people and their way of life are at risk as a direct result of the gradual destruction and the exploitation of raw materials of the tropical rain forest.

Association of the support of saving the Esquinas-Rain Forest in Costa Rica

Exotic manufacturing instead of exotic woods!

What is precious wood?

Precious wood differs from normal wood with impressive colouration, significant colour contrasts and grain. Other special characteristics are the heavy weight and density, special pest resistance, rare growth and high value. Precious wood is often used to create artworks, furniture, diverse interior and exterior room design and for premium veneer. Many precious woods come from rain forest areas.

SUN WOOD – Precious Woods – Exotics

The „Stainer SUN WOOD – Precious Wood -Exotics“ offer an eco-friendly precious wood look, optimally refined and finished, while still protecting rare tree species and the environment.

New wood is artfully “aged” through a special process, while accenting the grain characteristics.

Short but sweet: Solid spruce wood from Austrian forests is the basis of all the SUN WOOD Old – & Precious Wood Decors.

It is not enough to simply assure clients that exotic precious woods have the so-called “seal of sustainability”. There is no such thing as the sustainable destruction of tropical trees!

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Everything that is against nature has no chance to survive – Charles Darwin.