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Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you will find everything you ever wanted to know about SUN WOOD.

Which supporting material do we use?2019-05-16T09:18:19+02:00



Tongue- and Groove boards Solid spruce wood
Boards made of 3-layer panels with tongue and groove Spruce wood in 3-layer construction
3-layer panels Spruce wood
Sauna ply, fire retardant panels Treated 3-layer panel made of spruce wood
Beams, rafters, wooden slats Solid wood and laminated beams made of spruce wood
Old wood tables Spruce wood in 3-layer construction
Precious wood tables Spruce wood core and with strengthened smooth top layer in 3-layer construction

Which formats do we offer?2019-05-14T09:20:30+02:00

SUN WOOD is available in many different materials and formats. The exact formats are listed for each material on the corresponding site.

Where can I find a showroom?2019-05-14T09:26:28+02:00

Visit our 1500 m2 showroom area and use our unbeatable know-how for your advantage.

Here you will find the showroom

Gewerbegebiet 205
5092 St. Martin / Lofer

SUN WOOD nearby

SUN WOOD has completed countless projects worldwide. Many of them are also publicly accessible. On our dealer map you will find references, showrooms and built up SUN WOOD materials.

Where can I buy SUN WOOD?2019-05-14T09:19:09+02:00
  1. Online
  2. SUN WOOD Dealers
  3. Directly from us
  • Furniture, tables, table legs, boards made of 3-layer panels with tongue- and groove, parquet, wooden slats, beds, veneer edges, etc. can be found directly in our online shop
  • 3-layer panels, MDF boards, chipboard, lightweight boards, fire protection panels, solid wood, beams, tongue- and groove boards are available from our dealers worldwide
  • For open questions, special solutions, advice, please contact us directly
Where can I buy a protective varnish?2019-05-14T09:06:41+02:00

In our Online Shop you can find a protective varnish for tables, wall coverings, wooden panels and boards.

Is there oak too?2019-05-14T09:21:12+02:00

Yes. SUN WOOD now has over hundred different designs – among them several oak designs are included.

The material of oak wood designs is the same as the designs that display other types of wood.

Is it real wood or laminate, foil or veneer?2019-05-14T09:15:25+02:00

Through a combined printing, coating and painting technique, the desired wood design is applied directly to the desired material.

The used material is almost always domestic solid wood from spruce and beech.

SUN WOOD dispenses with foil, laminated and veneers. The design is applied directly to the material. Thus, the original feel of the material is completely preserved.

As SUN WOOD manages to apply the design without veneers, foils or laminates, a brushed or chipped finish remain unchanged. This looks more high-grade than smooth surfaces.

How much does SUN WOOD cost?2019-05-14T09:21:56+02:00
  • Processors, carpenters and companies receive prices from our dealers
  • Private customers can find the current prices in our online shop. All furniture can also be found there.
How much are the shipping costs?2018-06-14T10:57:34+02:00

You can find our current shipping costs table here:

These shipping costs are valid for all orders via our online shop. For delivery of other goods or larger quantities we calculate the shipping costs on request.

How is SUN WOOD cleaned and maintained?2019-05-14T09:23:33+02:00

3-layer panels

Clean the 3-layer panel with damp, soft cotton or microfiber cloth. Do not use corrosive or aggressive cleaning agents, scouring or scratching sponges. The panels can also be cleaned with a duster or vacuum cleaner.

Tables & Furniture

All SUN WOOD tables and furniture fronts are sealed with a low-maintenance protective coating. In order not to remove or damage these, please note the following cleaning instructions:

  • Clean the table top or surface with a damp, soft cotton or microfiber cloth
  • Do not use corrosive or aggressive cleaning agents, scouring or scratching sponges
  • In extended use, i.e. more often strong cleaning, a re-application of a protective coating is required.

Care products

Small damages of the surface can easily be repaired by a care kit.

Does the surface have to be additionally varnished or oiled?2019-05-14T09:11:29+02:00

SUN WOOD surfaces will be delivered ready. An additional protective varnish is advantageous if you are building furniture with our panels or boards.

Furniture surfaces, such as table tops or floors, which are subject to increase use, SUN WOOD additionally protect the material with a layer of protective lacquer.

Wall coverings, wooden boards, wooden panels, etc. are only given a protective varnish if required.

Can I buy online?2019-05-14T09:12:44+02:00

Many SUN WOOD products can also be purchased directly in our online shop.

Are cuttings possible?2019-05-14T09:24:13+02:00

Yes, SUN WOOD offers both, simple separation cuts and exact cuts.

Furthermore finished furniture fronts with ABS edges or real wood veneers are possible.

If your questions are unanswered, please contact us.

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