Solid Wood

All SUN WOOD collections are available as solid wood now. Wood workers will be as happy as do-it-yourselfer and home users.

The speciality is that even our old timber can be used as a load-bearing element.

SUN WOOD solid wood is available as plank, beam, rafter but also as cross laminated timber.

SUN WOOD solid wood is available as old wood-, fruitwood-, colorwood- & precious wood- look. Massive spruce wood from local forest, specially processed and refined becomes a design product with a perfect surface.

All SUN WOOD Products are plan able and customised available in required size.

Massivholz & Furniere

Beams, Rafters, Laminated Beams

Massivholz & Furniere

Tongue- & groove panels

BBS cross laminated timber



Benefits of SUN WOOD solid wood

  • Each format is possible. With the format we are flexible. Please let us know your required size and we will calculate you the price
  • SUN WOOD solid Wood can be used as construction timber
  • Wide range of wood designs such as antique wood, precious wood, fruit wood and colored wood
  • You get the solid wood beams custom-made with 1, 2 , 3 or 4-sided application of the wood decor of your choice
  • We don’t use any kind of foil, no paper, laminate or veneer to apply the design
  • The wood is special treated and directly coated, this is why it gets an natural and realistic appearance, shape and haptic. You feel the difference.
  • Can easily be combined with original old wood beams.