Cross laminated timber (BBS)

With its Sun Wood technology, Stainer opens up the topic of solid wood and is the only company to offer composite lumber and CLT in old wood, precious wood and fruit wood decors.

The Sun Wood finishing process is a direct coating on the wood – no foil, no paper, no laminate!

Due to this technology the feel of the wood is best preserved. Feel the natural structure and feel of our brushed or chopped CLT panels, and let us persuade you of our product.

Constructioncross laminated timber 3- , 5- , 7 layercross laminated timber 5- , 7-layer
Formatsystem formatlarge format
Width | Length1,25 m (49.21“ in) | up to 24 m (944.88“ in) (from 15 m (590.55“ in) on request)maximum 3,50 m (137.80“ in) | up to 22 m (866.14“ in)
Thickness60 up to 340 mm (2.36“ up to 13.39“ in) (from 1500 kg on request)60 up to 200 mm (2.36“ up to 7.87“ in)
Wood decorlongitudinalcross (longitudinal on request)
Surfacesanded, brushed, chippedsanded, brushed
Both-sidedboth-sided decor possibleboth-sided decor possible
Varnish for protectionoptional also available without protective varnishoptional also available without protective varnish
CoverageCoverage lengthwise (DL) | Single layer 1,25 m (49.21“ in) width | type of wood: spruce woodCoverage cross (DQ) | Single layer 1,25 m (49.21“ in) width, vertical chamfer at butt joints, type of wood: spruce wood, slight leakage of the limbs on the branches and shrouds are possible
Color designSpecial colors like metallic, silver, white, gold (on request possible)Special colors like metallic, silver, white, gold (on request possible)
Brettsperrholz Wand

Further application examples of our BBS panels.

The pricing of our BBS panels you can find here.

Build with CLT

BBS, also known as cross-laminated wood or glued laminated timber, is a multilayered wood and completely made of solid wood. Due to the gluing of the longitudinal and transveres layers the “working behaviour“ of the wood, so the shrinkage, is reduced to a insignificant extent.

Thus meeting the requirements of a modern wood building material are assured.


CLT is monolithic, so almost “a piece of wood” with 0.6% ecologically harmless glue. The solid finished wood part can carry very high loads, is brand safe, is easy, quick and dry to install and has a sound and heat insulation.

The inside air humidity will be regulated automatically and creates a comfortable and pleasant indoor climate – in winter as in summer.

Plan your next project with our “visualization textures”! Further information you can find here

Outdoor & facade applications

BBS (cross-laminated wood or glued laminated timber) printed with wood decors or pictures is only conditionally suitable for outdoor use.

If not otherwise agreed, the Sun Wood decor coating and the protective varnish is only suitable for the interior. If printed CLT are exposed to weathering, an additional suitable protective varnish is required.

Due to the material wood, we cannot assume guarantees or warranties for external inserts.

In our facade department, we will be pleased to provide you with further information about alternative facade materials such as eternit, aluminum composite panels, compact panels and much more. Please send us your requests.

Protective varnish

All CLT panels are coated with a water-proof, diluable protective varnish from Adler, including a UV filter with light protection. The surface can easily be cleaned with usual household cleaners. The protective varnish is classified for furniture surfaces according to ÖNORM A 1605 – 12 / DIN 68861 and as flame retardant according to DIN EN 13501-1. Therefore the varnish is completely safe and is perfect for the interior.

Printing quality

We recommend the XL BBS CTL with a viewing distance of less than 1 m (39.37“ in).