Wall covering “Stick-it” for gluing

With our new wall covering for gluing you bring a completely new living experience in your home. Stick quickly and easily on walls, ceilings, furniture and doors. You do not have to miss the natural flair, because the Stick-it system is a wall covering made of wood.

  • 6 mm plywood panel

  • Easy to fix

  • Slightly brushed surface

  • Recyclable, ecologically harmless

  • Ideal for smooth surface

Wall covering easy to stick. Perfect for your home or company.

Cheap wall coverings are often made of plastic or with foil. Our Stick-it system is the practical way to fix a real wood panel on doors, furniture, walls or ceilings.

Available format:
800 x 200 mm
Package content: 10 pieces 1.6 m²

Order now: www.stainer-online.de

Stick-it wall covering is designed for interior use. Do not install directly to a heat source or expose to strongly changing climatic conditions.

Stick-it: The DIY sticking wall covering for everyone

No drilling – no nailing, no screws! The 6 mm thin and ultra-light plywood board can be cut with a standard Stanley knife. Three double-sided tapes on the back ensure the perfect fit. For a perfect adhesion we recommend a smooth and dust-free surface.

Stick the wall panels on the wall in just three steps:

  1. Clean the surface
  2. Measure and mark
  3. Remove the tape and press down

Stick-it – panels can be covered with blackboard lacquer (single units).