Bunte 3-Schichtplatte sechs meter

Individual formats are available on request.

Design Scottish Artist 56

Origin: Scottland

Standard formats of the chipped 3-layer panels are:

6000 mm x 2050 mm  | 6000 mm x 1020 mm

5000 mm x 2050 mm  | 5000 mm x 1020 mm 

2990mm x 2050 mm | 2990 mm x 1020 mm

2500 mm x 1250 mm 

2490 mm x 1020 mm 

1990 mm x 1020 mm 

Thickness: 19 mm other formats on demand

Our fire protection panels are available in the dimension 2990mm x 1250mm x 19mm. Other formats are available on request.

Sauny ply format: 5000 mm x 2030 mm

Available support materials: 3-layer-boards, MDF-boards, veneered chipboards, wood bars, laminated beams, sauna plies, plywood, tongue and groove boards, veneers, parquet