Original Woodprint – the perfect alternative to reclaimed wood

A fascinating technology of the present and the future – combined with the past

“If someone goes on a journey, he can tell something.“ (Matthias Claudius German poet)

Like the many woods that I discovered on my journeys.
Fascinated by the stories of old boards, painted wooden boats or uniquely gigantic table tops made of giant trees, a passion was born.
Today we have over hundred different reclaimed and precious wood panels from all parts of the world, which we display in our factory and have already reproduced in countless variations.
Arno Stainer
Arno Stainer reist um die Welt und sammelt viele Holzarten

Reclaimed wood is currently a particularly popular building material for the interior design and furniture production. But, real reclaimed wood is difficult to acquire and unfortunately not available in unlimited quantities. Ideally, the reclaimed wood has matured over many years and is characterized by wind and weather. However, this also brings disadvantages. Wood is a natural and living resource. For example, reclaimed wood often contains pests and fungi. In order to get the wood durable, it has often been treated with chemical and toxic varnishes. This leads to evaporation with partly high pollution. Especially in modern design reclaimed wood is considered as an absolute trendsetter. However, the constantly rising level of popularity makes wood an ever-rarer raw material.

Looks like old wood – but it isn’t!

We have developed a process to produce new wood in reclaimed wood optic. The result is visually indistinguishable from real reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood is a rare and a hardly available raw material that often comes from different sources. This often results in unattractive color and structure differences within a delivery.

Due to our special printing process, we guarantee a balanced appearance in the color scheme and the structure of the project. Thus we can offer planners and installers the biggest possible scope in terms of design and application.

Our supporting materials can be printed from a collection of over 100 different reclaimed and precious wood designs according to the customer requirement. These are specially collected from many parts all over the world and are digitized by using a large-format scanner. In order to achieve an authentic look and haptic, the natural grain of the wood is emphasized by chipping and brushing in loving handwork before printing. This enhances the natural reclaimed wood optic of the surface.

From the ceiling over the wall to the floor

Our technology allows us to flexible realize unusual projects in interior design with a consisted design.

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