Fresh, healthy and tasty – the Hawaii Poke comes to Augsburg

Hawaii – once you visit the island chain in the Pacific Ocean, do not just think of white beaches, palm trees, relaxing music and turquoise waters. The „Aloha State“ also has a lot to offer in culinary terms. The so-called Poke Bowl meanwhile bears the status of the national meal. Poke is Hawaiian and means something like „cut to pieces“. The dish is a fish salad and essentially consists of raw fish, soya sauce and sesame oil. On the top there are fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds. In short: Hawaii feeling and lots of proteins in a bowl.

Foodies have been able to experience the healthy bowl trend live since November 7th at the pokALOHA in Augsburg. There you can expect a real beach feeling with relaxed music, surf videos and fresh products. For a casual design we have provided a wood paneling on the walls and counter, stylish stools and a slightly different menu. The special thing about this project is the individual logo printing.
// Design: 30 RUM SHACK

Wandverkleidung im individuellen Design
Restaurant Pokaloha in Augsburg
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