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Wood panels

Spruce wood panels, chipped and brushed

According to the motto “make new from old – and not vice versa!”, Sun Wood offers wood panels in a rustic yet elegant design.

A special surface treatment with chipped and brushed surfaces accent the natural wood grain of the wood panels from local spruce wood. Furthermore the spruce wood is handcrafted sealed with a protective varnish in the favoured design, no matter if it’s old wood, fruit wood or coloured wood.

Sun Wood wood panels are available in sizes up to 5 x 2 m (196.85″ x 78.74″ in.), and you can buy some selected models in our Online Shop.

A strong dealer network ensures quick and exact delivery Europe-wide. We would be happy to provide you with information where our wooden panels are stored in your immediate vicinity.

By default, all Sun Wood wooden boards are processed on one side. On request, our decors can be applied on both sides of the our support materials.

Holzplatten für Wellness Hotel

Apartment house in Kitzbühel (Antique Wood Tyrol 02)

Altholz Holzplatten im Geschäft

Travel agency in Berlin (Antique Wood Tyrol 02)

Holzplatten im Hotelzimmer

Hotel in Russia (Antique Wood Grey Shed Planks 03)

Holzplatten für Ladenbau

Shopfitting in Sweden (Antique Wood Gobi 09)

Our wood panels are not only modern, but also rustic. They combine both and bring modern tradition into hotels, bars, guesthouses, spas, wellness areas and private houses. They also fit well into private homes and houses. We welcome more and more private customers who buy these panels for their homes.

refine wood panels

A special process makes it possible to artfully “age” new wood, accenting the natural grain in the process. With elegant brushing or rustic chopping we distinguish the natural grain.


Many differnt types of wood panels exist, which differ strongly in the texture. Each construction has it’s advantages and disadvantages and must be selected for the proper purpose.

One thing all types have in common: nearly all of them can be refined with the desired Sun Wood decor. Some of them can also be brushed or chipped.

  • 3-layer panels
  • solid planks
  • chipboards and MDF panels with veneer
  • composite lumber
  • plywood (birch, poplar, sea pine, beech)
  • carpentry plates (Gabun)
  • HDF plates (also round hole plates)
  • HPL All Purpose Plates
  • OSB-panels
  • Multiplex panels
  • glue panels
  • Aircraft plywood

Sun Wood is the ideal alternative to real antique wood, precious wood, tropical wood, local fruit wood and refine also unadventurously plywood or MDF-panels.

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