Brushed MDF boards

MDF boards (Medium Density Fibre boards) are a functional and stable alternative to three layer boards and are therefore ideal for furniture production.

The effect on the surface of the SUN WOOD MDF board offers not only exclusive design, but also a special haptic through structure! The lightly brushed wood surface represents a noticeable difference in quality and differs from many competitive products.

MDF boards in old-wood design

Medium density wood fibre boards are cost-effective and high quality boards that can be refined with a variety of unique SUN WOOD decors. To all boards we offer proper ABS- and veneer edges.

For all non-do-it-yourselfer we prepared a short information about MDF. For what you can use MDF boards and what is best suited for them, read here.

MDF Platten


Length Width Height
2800 mm (110.24″ in) 2070 mm (81.50″ in) 19 mm (0.75″ in)

Individual formats are available upon request.


Our MDF boards are available in all SUN WOOD decors:

  • Old-wood design collection
  • Concrete design collection
  • Split- & end grain wood collection

MDF boards for kitchen furnitures

The water-based varnish, which is used to protect and seal the surface of our SUN WOOD MDF boards, makes them ideal for cabinet building or kitchen furnitures.

When producing kitchen furnitures, our old wood MDF panels offer a robust, functional and cost-effective alternative which can withstand the daily demands due to the coated surface. In this case, the body of the kitchen furnitures are made of chipboards or MDF boards (medium-density fibre boards).