Natural Wood Sauna plies

Formaldehyde emission E1 class and with high moisture resistance

SUN WOOD sauna plies made of natural wood are often used for sauna constructions and are especially suitable for the sauna inner area.

Wood is a hygroscopic material that reacts to changes in humidity. A dry climate dries out the wood and in a moist climate the wood acts as a strong moisture absorbent.

Formats of our Sauna plies

Length Width Thickness
5000 mm (196.85″) 2030 mm (79.92″) 19 mm (0.75″)

Decors / Collection

Our Sauna plies are available in all our SUN WOOD collections:

Old wood design collection, trend design collection, concrete design collection, split- and end grain wood collection

Individual formats are available upon request. All SUN WOOD decors can be applied on both sides on request.

Fulfills the highest demands

Saunas place quite extreme demands on wood, but especially on natural wood panels, due to the extremely humid or dry climatic conditions and the rapid change between these conditions. This means that crack formation, resin leakage and efflorescence as well as wood staining have to be expected. To minimize damage, regulate the air exchange with appropriate relative humidity and avoid long-lasting extreme climates.

Intensive use of the sauna can cause an overload detrimental to the wood. SUN WOOD offers a limited warranty on saunas i.e. overstressing of the glue joints with clearly detectable fiber splitting and tearing is excluded form the warranty. The builders and/or operators of saunas must take suitable measures to prevent an overburdening of the materials used in their construction.

The multi-layer structure of SUN WOOD sauna plies makes them dimensionally very stable compared to solid wood. However, the natural reaction of wood to changes in humidity can never be completely prevented. Special attention must be given to the design and composition of the substructure to counteract or deal with this factor.

All SUN WOOD sauna plies meet the requirement of formaldehyde emission standard E1, as determined per EN 717. In sauna operation, the panels must have no direct contact with the skin.