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Edge Options

1.Thinking of applying your edge by yourself?
We have the right option for you – in real wood or plastic!

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2. Solid Wood:
For every design we have a suitable option in solid wood. Everything is available – from a decor strip to a large beam with the pattern of your choice on all 4 sides.

3. With paint and brush:
For every design we can provide the appropriate stain to match.


We offer a variety of options to cover up light areas on the Sun Wood boards:

1. Stains:

We got varous stains for all of our Sun Wood patterns.

  • Lasurfarben können Sie einfach und bequem in unserem Onlineshop bestellen!

2. Flaming:

Standard gas burners can be used to scorch light areas.

This burning process then produces the desired darker effect. Flaming can only be used with the following wood decors: 03, 05, 07, 08, 09, 10.

3. Touch-up Pens:

Pros & Cons

  • Large board sizes result in minimum waste!
  • Standard delivery sizes: 5000 x 2050 mm, 5000 x 1250 mm, 5000 x 1025 mm, 2990 x 2050 mm (196.85″ x 80.71″ in, 196.85″ x 49.21″ in, 196.85″ x 40.35″ in, 117.72″ x 80.71″ in)
  • Non-standard sizes are available on request.
  • STAINER Sun Wood is dry and ready to install.
  • No vermin and no worm infestation

Area of Application

Interior & Exterior

Here we fullfill VOC regulation for interior as well as for sauna areas. More information: VOC regulations (Download)

1. 3-Layer-Panels:

Attention: The ply wood sheets are not manufactured for exterior use and therefore the options for exterior application are limited.

For more information please contact your local wood retailer.

Should you still choose to apply the plywood sheet of Sun Wood, „TIROL“ brushed out or chipped, we recommend to paint it annually with an appropriate wood preservation agent (e.g. Adler Lignovit). Long term greying of the wood can not be totally prevented.

2. Boards:

Sun Wood aged wood boards are produced from pinewoodboards which are chipped or brushed out to produce the required aged design. They are suitable for both interior and exterior use. An annual application with an appropriate wood preservation agent (e.g. Adler Lignovit) will delay the greying of the wood but it can not be totally prevented. However the natural grey effect of aged wood will occur.

3. Suitable decors:

We want to make you aware that the Sun Wood aged wood collection is limited for exterior use.

Suitable designs are 01 TIROL brushed out and 02 TIROL originally chipped.


The product shouldn’t be installed outside with an angle less than 90 °.

Everything that causes mechanical friction (e.g. snow or ice) shoud be avoided equally.

Furthermore steam jet and high pressure cleaning is not recommended.