Reclaimed wood 3-layer panels

The 3-layer panel is a multilayer glued solid wood panel made of spruce. SUN WOOD applies on this 3-layer panels (mostly 19 mm thick) unmistakable surface optics such as reclaimed wood, concrete, hardwood or precious wood. With these special optics, the material is ideally suited for wall coverings, interior design, fair constructions, shop fitting and furniture production. As a option also available as a panel for the floor.


  • Stable

  • Low warpage

  • Universal adjustable

  • From sustainable forestry (PEFC)

  • Easy to work



Length Width Thickness Weigth
6000 mm 2050 mm 19 mm
5000 mm 2050 mm 19 mm approx. 92 kg
5000 mm 1250 mm 19 mm approx. 56 kg
2990 mm
2050 mm
19 mm
approx. 55 kg
2990 mm
1020 mm
19 mm
2500 mm
1250 mm
19 mm
approx. 28 kg
2490 mm
1020 mm
19 mm
1990 mm
1020 mm
19 mm

Individual formats are possible on request (minimum thickness 16 mm).

Range of application

  • Interior construction

  • Furniture manufacture

  • Shop fitting & Fair construction

  • Window- and doorframes

  • Floor and wall

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Designs & Optic

Our 3-layer panels are available in all SUN WOOD designs and are finished one or both sided.

  • Reclaimed Wood
  • Trend
  • Hardwood
  • Color & Fruit
  • Concrete & Rust
  • Split & End Grain Wood
3-Schichtplatte für Ladenbau
3-Schichtplatte für Wandverkleidung

Relaxed living with wooden walls

Wood allows a cozy and natural living. It has a balancing, relaxing, calming effect and allows the user regeneration and cosiness.

3-layer panel as wall covering

There is nothing more comfortable than living in a wooden house. If you do not have any visible wood walls, you can cover concrete walls with wooden panels, which not only visually provides the same effect, but also ensures additional insulation.

Unique items in large numbers

SUN WOOD reclaimed wood 3-layer panels show a natural design as close as possible. Since all 3-layer panels are processed by hand, no piece is like the other. And yet we offer unique 3-layer panels for example: Wall coverings in any quantity. There are no limits for reproduction and duplication.

Altholz 3-Schichplatte für Wandverkleidung


For furniture construction, we recommend an additional protective coating

Brushed and hand chopped wood

The process of brushing highlights the natural wood grain and enhance the natural look of the wood. This is very popular in the modern interior design of living spaces. The process of chipping completes deep furrows, which provides a rustic look. Chipped and brushed wood contains the unmistakable character of rural, modern living and life in itself.

Our wood products are different and individual as the people who integrate them into their living ambiance.