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Chipped and brushed 3-layer panels

Fascination „Wood“. Created by nature, distinctive and unique.

Stainer’s Sun Wood offers all these advantages in any quantity. Reproduction and duplication of materials and decors are always possible.

Brushed and chipped wood

Sun Wood panels are a multifunctional and modern construction material with special charm and character.

With appropriate brushing, we retain the authenticity and texture of genuine old wood. This is very popular in the modern interior and exterior design of living and living spaces. Chipped and brushed wood implicates the distinctive character of rural, modern living and life.

Our wood products are different and individual like the people who integrate them into their living rooms.


Formats 3-layer panels

Length Width Height
5000 mm (196.85″ in) 2050 mm (80.71″ in) 19 mm (0.75″ in)
5000 mm (196.85″ in) 1250 mm (49.21″ in) 19 mm (0.75″ in)
2990 mm (117.72″ in) 2050 mm (80.71″ in) 19 mm (0.75″ in)
2500 mm (98.43″ in)
1250 mm (49.21″ in)
19 mm (0.75″ in)


The weight of a refined 3-layer panel is about 9 kg/m2.

A spruce wood panel with 2500 x 1250 x 19 mm (98.43“ x 49.21“ x 0.75“ in) has a weight of about 28 kg.

Panel decors

Our 3-layer panels are availabe in all collections one or both –sided:

  • Old-wood design collection
  • Concrete design collection
  • Split- & end grain wood collection
  • Fruit wood collection
  • Color collection

Other dimensions on demand possible (minimum size 16mm (0.63“ in)).


Relaxed living with wooden walls

Wood enables homely, natural living. It has a balancing, relaxing and calming effect and allows the user to regenerate and to cosiness.

Warm in winter and cool in summer, the 3-layer panel makes the climatic compensation of natural temperature fluctuations.

There is nothing more pleasant than to live in a wooden house. Anyone who does not have visibility walls can clad concrete walls with wooden panels, which not only provides the same effect visually, but also an additional, natural insulation.

Sun Wood 3-layer panels show the natural design as good as possible. All 3-layer panels are unique and have a distinctive look.