Architekten mit SUN WOOD

SUN WOOD for architects

Wood design with character

Architekten mit SUN WOOD

Diverse wood decors

for individual architecture projects

We give local wood from sustainable forestry an unusual design: SUN WOOD products score with the look and feel of original reclaimed wood while simultaneously offering the advantages of new wood. How does it work? We collect the most beautiful woods from all around the world and reproduce them in our factory in Austria. Whether it be panels, boards, beams, edge banding, doors or floors: the entire SUN WOOD product range is available in over 100 different decors and offers something for every decor palate.

Advantages of SUN WOOD:

  • Wood from PEFC certified, local forestry

  • Large samples available

  • Certified sauna panels and fire protection panels available

  • Guaranteed long-term availability of all decors and substrates

  • Fast delivery

  • 100% handmade in Austria, every product is one-of-a-kind

  • Wood for static planning

  • Guaranteed pest-, nail- and pesticide-free, no fumigated wood

  • Steady prices for every decor

  • More affordable and calculable than original reclaimed wood

  • Tender texts available

Over 100 wood designs

Available on these products:

Free sample shipping & high-res textures

You’d like to see the authentic quality, look and feel of our products for yourself? Register now in the SUN WOOD business portal for your own free SUN WOOD A4 sample box. You can also download all our decors as high-res textures for CAD & Co

Plan with SUN WOOD

Our diverse design products are multifunctional and can be individually integrated into your projects. We offer detailed tender specifications for your planning and all our decors can be downloaded as data.

Design variety for individual decor styles

Whether it be reclaimed wood, precious wood, concrete designs or creative decors with a shabby look: we offer over 100 unique wood decors on a variety of construction materials so you can do individual projects in any number of design styles. Thanks to our innovative printing and surface technology, themed rooms are possible at fixed, steady prices.

Any format available on short notice

At SUN WOOD, we think in terms of dimensions: from the 6 x 2 meter three-layer panel to wood beams 15 meters in length—special dimensions aren’t a problem for us! You are also welcome to order our products in any other format. Get in touch! We would be happy to help you implement your offers.

Upcoming SUN WOOD trade shows

Holz Handwerk || Nuremberg

19. March @ 10:00 - 22. March @ 18:00