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Stainer is an innovative, environmentally-friendly company with a focus on the preservation of natural wood species. Ongoing research and development ensures that our company will continue to support and protect the environment.

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Most of the Sun Wood products are available from our online shop. To order a product, simply select the item and enter your billing information and delivery address.


Most of our Sun Wood products are available in our online shop. To order a product simply choose the item and add your billing and delivery address.

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Antique Wood Design Collection

Sun Wood is the brand name of the old wood design decor products from Stainer.
New wood is artificially aged through a special process, with a look so genuine your eyes
cannot tell the difference.

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Color Collection

The Sun Wood „Color Collection“ is a modern, innovative selection of color arrangements, which define the individuality and variety of Firma Stainer.

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Fruit Collection

The new collection „Sun Wood Fruit“ is a unique selection of appealing fruitwoods, perfectly suited for furniture construction, shopfitting and interior design.

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Concrete Design Collection

Our concrete look design panels are considerably lighter than real concrete, and can be easily integrated into any contemporary interior design concept.

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Design Tables & Tabletops

A fascination for old wood, special wood grain effects, precious and tropical woods
led to the development of a special process, enabling the reproduction of these rare woods while
protecting the original species from endangerment.

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Solid Wood, Planks & Timber Work

The Sun Wood Collection from Stainer offers the perfect design decor solution in antique-, precious-, and tropical wood designs.

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Antique Wood Design – Unique items, made by hand in Austria!

Sun Wood is a product developed by Stainer providing aged wood boards and table tops. Locally grown and harvested woods are used to craft panels with the look of antique wood by a special process of detailed reproduction with attention to detail.

What’s new?

New products from the world of wood. New wood collections, new wood decors, new wood products. Sun Wood continues to grow with every challenge.

Wood print

Wednesday, 4. January 2017|

Pictures are popular gifts for special events. Just submit photos printed directly on wood. Special interior require special technology: wood

Current Wood Projects

Bars, hotels, shops and interior designers proudly show off their Sun Wood projects. You can be a part of Sun Wood, too.

Why Stainer Sun Wood?

  • Largest old- & precious wood panel producer

  • Product quality is our supreme discipline

  • Surface chipped & brushed

  • Worldwide shipping

  • Fast processing of your orders

  • The world’s only producer of old and precious wood beams and laminated beams

  • XL board slats up to 3.5 x 22 m

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