Furniture Linoleum

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Altholz und Edelholz Design für Ihr Hotel, Zuhause, Restaurant oder Ihren Laden
Versatile supporting materials

in more than 100 designs

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Wall cladding

Ceiling cladding

Table tops

Kitchen front

Burned Wood Oberfläche
BURNT WOOD Ltech Design

Original look and feel without touching fire

Available on a wide range of substrates

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Flexibles Trägermaterial Lamella auf einer Spanplatte
Lamella on chipboard

format: 2420 x 1250 x 19 mm

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For the love of nature.

We have developed a process to reproduce the most beautiful woods on earth while conserving resources. SUN WOOD is the ultimate alternative to reclaimed and precious wood and offers endless advantages.

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A passion for special woods has always accompanied us – that is why we reproduce them sustainably.


Our parent company “Stainer” offers a variety of technical solutions under one roof.

SUN-WOOD Made in AustriaWho we are working for


We serve different industries with various product solutions for individual projects.

Unique wood design

Choose from a variety of decors

SUN WOOD in use

Implement your individual projects with SUN WOOD. Our diverse references speak for themselves:

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The environmentally friendly and authentic alternative to reclaimed wood

Wide range

many possibilities. Benefit from our variety of materials and designs. We also offer reclaimed wood-special solutions specifically to the customer’s requirements. With our technical expertise and experience, we also find a convergent solution for complex projects.

Environmentally friendly

Reclaimed wood is currently a particularly popular building material in interior design and furniture production. However, real reclaimed wood is difficult to obtain and unfortunately not available in unlimited quantities. Ideally, the reclaimed wood has matured over many years and is characterized by wind and weather. However, this also brings disadvantages.

Wood is a natural and living resource. For example, reclaimed wood often contains pests and fungi. So that the wood is resistant and durable, it has often been treated with chemical and toxic varnishes. In order to prevent the evaporation of the partly high pollution of reclaimed wood, we process new wood into old wood. The result is visually hardly distinguished from original reclaimed wood and also has better static properties.

Fast delivery

In order to produce optical reclaimed wood, we process boards, beams and panels mostly from local forestry. The most common materials are on stock. Before printing the desired old wood look, the wood is prepared by hand with great attention to detail directly in our manufactory. By chipping or brushing the material later looks like real old wood.

Due to a special production technology and the existing stock material, any optics can be offered in high quantities and in constant quality. So you do not have to wait long for your reclaimed wood order.

Fire protection

Reclaimed wood with fire protection certification – is that possible? Yes, because SUN WOOD offers all reclaimed wood designs also as fire protection panels and sauna panels in accordance with the fire protection standard. SUN WOOD fire protection panels meet the highest standards in both flame spread and smoke generation.

Furniture & Accessories

In addition to panel and board products, we also offer finished tables, beds, chairs, benches or stools. Even accessories such as mirrors, lamps, and pictures on wood or natural wood forms in reclaimed wood design are available from us.

Big formats

We print all reclaimed wood designs on formats up to 5 x 2 m. Boards, panels and cuttings can be processed precisely to measure. Therefore a long search for suitable reclaimed wood material is a thing of the past.

Order online

In our reclaimed wood online shop you will find all SUN WOOD products at a glance. Order quickly and safely and we deliver your SUN WOOD order anywhere in Europe to any desired address.

Custom boards and panels

If you have to take what you get in case of original reclaimed wood, SUN WOOD offers the choice between board and panel products and the option of having the material produced exactly as needed. This is a big advantage, especially in the planning phase. Furthermore, boards and panels can be ordered to measure and the waste can be reduced to a minimum.

Floor, Wall & Ceiling

For a coherent room concept, SUN WOOD old wood offers solutions for floors, walls and ceilings. Whether real oak parquet with SUN WOOD design print, wall panels made of 3-layer panels, ceiling panels made of tongue and groove boards or SUN WOOD reclaimed wood beams / beam coverings for the exposed roof. If you need help or suggestions for interior design in reclaimed wood design our experts are happy to help and advise you.