RINDE 810 Ltech

Calming ? forest feel for interiors

Sometimes we long to be close to nature – to hear the rustling of leaves, the rustling of twigs and the cracking of branches. With RINDE 810 Ltech you can bring this feeling into your home, office or any other space and feel like you are in the middle of a beautiful forest. This stylish wooden wall paneling raises the look and feel of a tree bark reproduction to an amazingly authentic and unprecedented level of realism. Thanks to deep structures, indentations and shapes, RINDE 810 Ltech ensures that the panels are virtually indistinguishable from the original tree bark, both visually and haptically. RINDE 810 Ltech can be used in many ways: e.g. in the living room, bedroom, study, reception or in the hallway. The natural finish gives any room a warm and cozy atmosphere that invites you to relax and feel good.

Also available as Linoleum.

Material: poplar plywood
Design: RINDE 810 Ltech
Panel format: 2520 x 920 x 15 or 18 mm
Other formats and thicknesses available on request
Price / m2: on request
Areas of application: wall and ceiling cladding, interior design
Notice: Plates only suitable for wall coverings. For furniture construction, please inquire about alternative carrier material
Material: 3-Schichtplatte aus Fichtenholz
Dekor: Burnt Wood 19 LTech
Qualität: C+/C | B/C+
Plattenformate auf 3-Schichtplatte: 2990 x 1000 x 19 mm
1490 x 1000 x 19 mm
1200 x 666 x 19 mm
Weitere Formate, Stärken und Trägermaterialien auf Anfrage erhältlich
Preis / m2: auf Anfrage
Anwendungsbereiche: Wand- & Deckenverkleidung, Fußbodenplatten, Möbel- & Innenausbau, Türen
Wandverkleidung Rinde Ltech 810
Rinde Ltech 810 Wandverkleidung
Burnt Wood Ltech Wandverkleidung

Experience the beauty of nature

Tree bark reproduction scores with a variety of advantages over original bark for use in the interior: The design RINDE 810 Ltech does not crumble when touched and is therefore much easier to care for. It is also guaranteed free from vermin and pollutants and can be installed particularly easily in the form of large panels.

Burnt Wood Wandverkleidung

Sustainable & deceptively real

Deep structures, indentations and three-dimensional shapes in combination with the appropriate colors ensure that the panels are almost indistinguishable from the original tree bark, both visually and haptically. And the best thing about it: With RINDE 810 Ltech you also make a direct contribution to protecting our environment (just like with all other SUN WOOD designs) thanks to our reproduction process.

Burnt Wood Wandverkleidung

Unique nature experience

RINDE 810 Ltech is a guaranteed eye-catcher and gives every room in your home a new look. Get a piece of the forest in your home.

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