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Frequently asked Questions

Questions about SUN WOOD

What does SUN WOOD do?2020-01-09T07:39:08+01:00

We collect the most beautiful woods from all over the world, digitize their wood surfaces using our in-house 3D scanner and reproduce their look and feel using local wood while protecting the environment. This creates a wide variety of base materials in reclaimed wood, precious wood or oak wood designs which are true to the original and can be used for a wide range of projects.

What are the advantages of SUN WOOD?2020-01-09T07:42:26+01:00

SUN WOOD products are universally applicable, easy to use and sustainable! Compared to original reclaimed wood or precious wood, our products offer a number of advantages:

Local wood from sustainable forestry

To us, protecting precious woods and using wood consciously is second nature. That’s why we only use wood from our country as the basis for our products to show support for ecological, economic and socially sustainable forestry with the PEFC certificate.

Pest- and pollutant-free

Unlike their originals, SUN WOOD products are pesticide-, wood worm- and pollutant-free.


Manual labor goes into each and every one of our products so they’re truly one of a kind! Before we apply the desired SUN WOOD decor, the surface is brushed and/or chopped by hand.

Large formats—permanent availability

Thanks to our innovative printing and surface technology, we’re able to refine all types and formats of substrates using the SUN WOOD process! This includes wood panels and tabletops plus a myriad of boards, veneers, beams or even doors. Wooden beams up to 15m in length, 6 x 2 m panels or customizable formats are all possible.

  • Panel formats up to 6 x 2 meters
  • Available on over 15 substrates
  • Noticeable natural surface feel
  • Available in over 100 breathtaking wood decors
  • Certified fire protection panels and sauna panels available
  • International dealer network
  • Available in small and large quantities
  • Sample shipping
  • Matching ABS & veneer edges
  • Customizable & commissioned work
  • Makes static planning possible
  • Fast and affordable shipping
  • Can be permanently reordered in the same design and quality
Where does SUN WOOD come from?2020-01-09T07:44:04+01:00

SUN WOOD is an Austrian family company based in St. Martin bei Lofer.

In our showroom, we exhibit all the original woods from around the world alongside our reproduced products. Visit us and experience the unique look and feel:

Where can I buy SUN WOOD products?2020-01-09T07:45:38+01:00
  1. In our online store
  2. From a SUN WOOD dealer
  3. In our showroom

We sell furniture, tables, table legs, profile boards, parquet flooring, wooden strips, beds, veneer edges, etc. directly from our online store.

You’ll find three-ply panels, MDF panels, particleboard, lightweight panels, fire protection panels, solid wood, beams, tongue and groove boards from our dealers worldwide

For unanswered questions, special solutions or advice, get in touch with us directly.

Can I shop online?2020-01-09T08:22:01+01:00

SUN WOOD products are also available online. Check out our online store!

Do you use real wood or laminate, foil or veneer?2020-01-09T08:30:57+01:00

Foils, laminates and veneers are not used in the reproduction of our original woods. Thanks to our innovative printing technology, we’re able to apply the desired decor directly to real wood to create a unique feel. It’s much higher in quality than smooth surfaces.

Do you offer sample shipping?2020-01-09T08:32:17+01:00

From color samples of our decors to extensive sample boxes, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of SUN WOOD product samples.

Are you a business customer looking for individual samples? Feel free to get in touch. We’re here to help!

Where can I find SUN WOOD in use?2020-01-09T08:33:22+01:00

Here you’ll find a map with a number of public buildings featuring SUN WOOD products for your viewing pleasure.

Are you interested in seeing all that SUN WOOD has to offer? Visit us in our showroom to fully experience the look and feel of our products.

How can I become a SUN WOOD dealer?2020-01-09T08:35:32+01:00

Would you like to add SUN WOOD products to your repertoire? Please get in touch! We look forward to supplying you with all of our product information!

Questions about products

Which materials are available?2021-07-22T10:02:49+02:00
How can I take care of my SUN WOOD products?2020-01-09T08:03:38+01:00

Three-layer panels

Clean the three-layer panel with a damp, soft cloth made of cotton or microfiber. Do not use any astringent or aggressive cleaning products or abrasive or scratching sponges. The panels can also be dusted or vacuumed.

Tables & furniture

All SUN WOOD tables are sealed with an easy-care protective varnish. Please use the following cleaning instructions to protect and maintain the finish:

  • Clean the tabletop with a damp, soft cotton or microfiber cloth
  • Do not use any astringent or aggressive cleaning products or abrasive or scratching sponges
  • For optimal care, we recommend our furniture care set.

The furniture care set forms a protective film on the furniture’s surface, repels water and dirt and restores a healthy shine to matte, dull wooden surfaces.

Slight damage to the surface can be simply touched up with a care set.

Does the surface need to be varnished or lubricated?2020-01-09T08:08:27+01:00

SUN WOOD surfaces are delivered ready-to-use so there is no need to add another layer of varnish or lubricant to the surface.

SUN WOOD also treats highly exposed surfaces like tabletops or floors with an extra layer of protective varnish. All other products such as wall paneling, wood boards, wood panels, etc. can be given an extra coat of varnish upon request.

What do I have to consider when building furniture with SUN WOOD products?2020-01-09T08:38:34+01:00

When building furniture with SUN WOOD substrates, we recommend applying a protective coating.

Which formats are there?2020-01-09T08:19:34+01:00

SUN WOOD panels and boards are available in small, large or very large formats. Whether wooden beams up to 15 meters or 6 x 2 meter three-ply panels, you’ll find exact formats on the respective material page. We also offer customizable cuts upon request.

Are cuts an option?2020-01-09T08:38:51+01:00

Yes, we offer both simple separate cuts and exact cuts.  Finished furniture fronts with real wood veneer edges or ABS edges are also available.

Which raw material is used?2020-01-09T08:27:56+01:00
Product Material
Tongue and groove boards Solid spruce
Profile boards Spruce in three-layer construction
Three-ply panels Spruce
Sauna panels, fire protection panels Treated three-layer panels made of spruce
Beams and toe boards Solid wood and composite lumber made of spruce
Reclaimed wood tables Spruce in three-layer construction
Precious wood tables Spruce core with reinforced smooth surface in three-layer construction
Can I use SUN WOOD in and around a sauna?2020-01-09T08:34:25+01:00

You most certainly can! Our low-formaldehyde three-layer panels are ideal for building saunas!

Still have questions? Reach out to us—we’d be happy to help!


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