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Unique reclaimed wood design

for exceptional pieces of furniture and creative wall covering

Exceptional pieces of furniture in an original reclaimed wood design or creative wall covering in a chalet or beach hut look—our wood decors come in over 15 different supporting materials. Whether it’s beams, panels, edge banding, floors or even doors: at SUN WOOD, we give local wood the unique look and feel of reclaimed wood through our innovative printing and surface technology. Nothing stands in the way of a streamlined wood design for individual decor styles.

SUN WOOD advantages for joiners:

  • Every panel is unique

  • 100% made in Austria using PEFC certified wood from local forestry
  • Guaranteed pest-, pesticide-, nail- and worm-free

  • One and the same wood decor available on over 15 supporting materials

  • Refined on one or both sides

  • Steady prices for reclaimed wood, oak, dyewoods or precious woods

  • Guaranteed long-term availability of wood decors

  • Matching ABS and veneer edge banding for every wood design

  • Authentic feel (hand-chopped and brushed)

  • Individual formats available on short notice from 2 x 1 to 6 x 2 m, boards up to 5 m

  • Shippable samples and visualizations for every decor

Over 100 wood designs

Available on these products:

Free sample shipping & high-res textures

You’d like to see the authentic quality, look and feel of our products for yourself? Register now in the SUN WOOD business portal for your own free SUN WOOD A4 sample box. You can also download all our decors as high-res textures for CAD & Co

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Unique—made in Austria

All of our products are 100% made in Austria and handmade. We use wood from local forestry as a foundation and apply the unique look and feel of original reclaimed or precious wood thanks to our special surface technology. How does it work? Learn more about our innovative production process here.

Wood surfaces from all around the world

Our wood decors don’t come from just anywhere, you know! We collect unique woods from all around the world and reproduce their look and feel on local wood. There’s absolutely no need for veneers, foil or laminate! Check out our products for yourself!

Your advantages with SUN WOOD

SUN WOOD products offer a number of advantages compared to original reclaimed wood. You can say goodbye to variable qualities or lengths with minimum quantity requirements since we deliver the exact number you need. Plus SUN WOOD offers consistent quality! We are also happy to help with customization or special solutions.

SUN WOOD in use

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