Project Description

POST Family Resort | Unken, Austria

Beach bar feeling in Austria

The design // BEACH HUT 27 gives the Seealm Bar a new lease of life

Light pastel shades and a trendy vintage look: our colorful reclaimed wood design //BEACH HUT 27 adorns the back wall of the Seealm Bar at the Post Family Resort and exudes pure Caribbean beach bar feeling! Paired with Boho-style decorative elements, the result is a feel-good place that invites you to linger and socialize.

Easy processing with 3-layer panels

The supporting material is a high-quality 3-layer panel made of solid spruce wood, which has been chopped by hand and then finished with the colorful SUN WOOD design. This creates a particularly beautiful and tangibly authentic surface that gives this bar area that certain something!

SUN WOOD in use