Introducing the Stainer company

Our expertise

Versatile technical solutions under one roof

For more than 50 years, our parent company Stainer has brought together a wide range of technical solutions, machines and services under one roof. This expertise forms the foundation for the diverse brands and products from Stainer. Our services can also be used individually for customized projects. We are happy to develop specific solutions that are tailored precisely to your needs and requirements.

Digital printing for roll and board material

Our machinery includes eight digital printers that can print films, fabrics and paper on the roll, as well as flat printers that can apply individual motifs to panels, signs, wood and other flat surfaces.
(Maximum width: 2.5 m, maximum material thickness: 0.7 m, maximum length: 15 m)

Semi- and fully automatic screen printing

With our nine semi-automatic and fully automatic screen printing machines, we offer a wide range of options that can be used in a wide variety of areas. Special durability, precise printing and the possibility to realize large formats characterize this printing process.
We offer screen printing up to a print format of 4 x 2 m.

Laser systems

With our three laser systems, we process products up to a format of approximately 3 x 2 m. This creates authentic, three-dimensional and unusual wood surfaces and much more.

In-house large format scanner

We use our large format scanner to digitize wood panels, works of art, drawings, textiles, plans and much more. With this process, objects up to 6 x 1.5 m in size can be digitized in one piece without contact at up to 1600 dpi.

Our in-house joinery

In our in-house joinery we create individual tables, we take care of cuttings, edging and much more!

CNC milling machine in 3 x 2 m format

We offer a CNC milling machine including conveyor belt for endless lengths for individual cuts. This provides extensive options for finishing and further processing of many materials.

Spacious paint booth

In our 7 x 4 m paint booth, large-format tables, advertising signs, panels or facade parts are painted all around before assembly to provide optimum protection against scratches and discoloration.

Walz coating systems for UV & water-based coatings

Special 2K high-performance coatings extend the service life of products such as panels, advertising signs or façade parts. Our roller coating system is ideal for panel materials. Panels up to 5x2m can be protected with both UV coatings and water-based coatings.