Free sample shipping for business customers

As a business customer, you will receive a free sample when you place your first order in our business area.

Sample box concrete

The concrete sample box consists of five concrete decors in A4 format on chipboards and one HDF board.

Musterset 50x50 cm Platten

SUN WOOD Sample Panel Set (Reclaimed Wood design)

The set consists of 10 types of wood in 50 x 50 cm (19.69″ x 19.69″ in) panel format.

Solid Wood Sample (Reclaimed Wood)

Order our solid wood samples laminate timber online.

Musterfächer Furnierkanten und ABS Kanten

Sample Fan – ABS & Veneer Edges

These fan-out sample booklets show our SUN WOOD ABS- & Veneer edges.

SUN WOOD Sample Rack

18 woodtypes in the format 1000 x 650 mm (39.37″ x 25.59″ in).