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Burnt Wood LTech


Three-dimensional surface

True to original charred wood surfaces



Original Look & Feel of Burnt Wood

Burnt wood that has never been in contact with fire? SUN WOOD BURNT WOOD Ltech makes it possible: Based on the surface of the ancient Japanese technique “Shou Sugi Ban”, we turn traditional wooden supporting materials made of local spruce wood into burnt wood. Using the unique SUN WOOD surface treatment, the carbonized look and feel is reproduced in every detail, but without ever coming into contact with fire! Disadvantages such as staining from the outermost soot layer, annoying soot particles, or an unpleasant burnt smell can thus be ruled out and the wood easily be used for interior design projects.

Available Supporting Materials

Wandverkleidung Burnt Wood
Burnt Wood Wandverkleidung
Burnt Wood Ltech Wandverkleidung

Detailed Burnt Look

To faithfully turn our wood surfaces into burnt wood, we use innovative laser treatment to give them a three-dimensional surface that is barely distinguishable from the original burnt wood in terms of look and feel. There is no need for laminates or veneers.

Burnt Wood Wandverkleidung

Interior Design with Burnt Wood

SUN WOOD BURNT WOOD Ltech has several advantages compared to original burnt wood and can thus be optimally used for interior design: Our 3-layer boards with the BURNT WOOD design neither have an unpleasant burnt smell, nor does the outermost soot layer rub off. As wall paneling or even as a floor, there are no limits to your creativity when using BURNT WOOD!

Versatile in use

We refine a variety of carrier materials with the special burnt look. Whether it’s a modern wall covering, a unique table top, a parquet floor or even a door with guaranteed wow-effect: There are no limits to the use of BURNT WOOD Ltech.

Charred wood for interior design projects

The trend from Japan: carbonized wood

For centuries, wood surfaces have been burned in a controlled manner in Japan. This method gives the wood a noble surface with a shimmering black appearance. The carbonized wood is mainly used for house facades – with Burnt Wood Ltech SUN WOOD now makes the trendy surface available for interior use.

Charred wood that has never been in contact with fire

To obtain the special SUN WOOD Burnt Wood Ltech surface, 3-layer panels of domestic spruce are treated with a special surface process. Fire is not involved in this process! This eliminates the negative characteristics such as a burnt smell or a staining of soot particles.

Carbonized wood for interior design projects

Combined with light colors, the charred wood panels are not only convincing as a noble wall covering in living areas – sales areas can also be equipped with the trendy design.

Purchase charred wood

Burnt Wood Ltech wood panels can be purchased from our trade partners in your area. We will be glad to take care of your request together with our partners and prepare an individual offer with attractive prices for you. We look forward to hearing from you!