Acoustic panels

in deceptively real Burnt Wood design

A centuries-old trend in wood finishing, known as Yakisugi, is making its way into the SUN WOOD design world. The unique Burnt Wood look inspired by “Shou Sugi Ban” is now available on SUN WOOD acoustic panels. Room acoustics play an essential role in concert halls, office buildings, hotels and various private areas. SUN WOOD offers a variety of acoustic panels in different formats and designs that not only absorb sound, but also reduce reverberation time and improve sound quality. The special surface of the panels interrupts the propagation of sound, reducing disturbing noise.

Please note:We are not a manufacturer of acoustic panels. We finish with our designs acoustic panels of all well-known producers: Admonter, Burke Acoustics, Haro, Ligno Trend (Other manufacturers are available upon request).

Design: BURNT WOOD 19 Ltech
Areas of application: Shopfitting & exhibition stand construction, wall & ceiling cladding
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Breaking sound waves

In many large and open spaces, acoustics are often a problem. This is because sound waves hit hard surfaces and are then reflected around the room, creating a disturbing reverberation effect. SUN WOOD acoustic panels are specially designed to eliminate the formation of sound reflections in rooms. Thanks to their unique design with grooved or perforated Burnt Wood surface, a pleasant and quiet atmosphere is created in the room. In general, acoustic panels lead to effective sound attenuation from external influences, which makes the sound experience clearer and fuller.

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Timeless beautiful & quiet rooms

SUN WOOD acoustic panels provide optimal sound absorption in a wide frequency spectrum.

Thanks to their light weight and special nature, SUN WOOD acoustic panels are effortless to install. For example, they can be attached with suspension system rails to standard suspension bars or 45° cut wooden bars. This makes them extremely versatile.