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Shou Sugi Ban Furniture

with the look & feel of burnt wood

Chipboard for furniture construction

Visualisierung klein Spanplatte Burnt Wood

Exclusive furniture fronts

Chipboard in the design of charred wood

Chipboards in Burnt Wood design emphasize the individuality of any interior, creates fascinating accents in the interior and gives your room a first-class, unique and noble atmosphere without creating unpleasant burning odors.

Inspired by the ancient Japanese technique “Shou-Sugi-Ban”, we transform boring chipboard into stunning furniture fronts that mimic the look and feel of burnt wood. Our unique finishing technology reproduces the charred look and feel down to the smallest detail – without the limitations such as staining, distracting soot particles or the unpleasant burnt smell. This makes the wood an ideal choice for building exclusive furniture and high-quality interior elements for upscale style.

Material: Chipboard
Surface: Spruce veneer (lightly brushed)
Back side blind veneer (smooth)
Design: BURNT WOOD 19 Ltech
Max. panel format 2800 x 1000 x 19 mm
Areas of Application: Furniture construction and interior design
Certificates (on request): Fire protection class B1
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True to nature, authentic look

Our product range includes low-distortion spruce veneer chipboard with a thickness of 19 mm. The panel format measures an impressive 2800 x 1000 x 19 mm. We also provide individual special cuts on request.

Ideal for more upscale furniture construction and interior design

Our double-sided veneered chipboards in BURNT WOOD Design ensure excellent bending strength and are therefore ideally suited for furniture and interior design. Thanks to the impressive surface finish with the realistic, reproduced look and feel of charred wood, your interior project is guaranteed to be a highlight. For a flawless edge finish, we offer matching veneer edges. This chipboard is characterized by its robustness and innovative texture, which gives it first-class resistance to daily stresses.