Unique reclaimed wood design

for appealing formwork and roof trusses

We give local wood from sustainable forestry an unusual design: SUN WOOD products score with the look and feel of original reclaimed wood while simultaneously offering the advantages of new wood. How does it work? We collect the most beautiful woods from all around the world and reproduce them in our factory in Austria. The surface of our various substrates is chopped and brushed by hand and the desired decor is then printed directly on the wood. That means it’s much easier to process SUN WOOD products than original reclaimed wood.

SUN WOOD advantages for carpenters

  • 100% made in Austria using PEFC certified wood from local forestry

  • Guaranteed pest-, pesticide- and nail-free: no scraps from damaged wood

  • Individual formats available on short notice from 2 x 1 to 6 x 2 m, wood beams up to 15 m!

  • Reclaimed wood design for static planning (glulam, glued wood, composite lumber)

  • Tongue and groove boards up to 5 m available in various widths and thicknesses

  • Authentic feel (hand-chopped and brushed)

  • Industry dried wood

  • Available as certified fire protection panels

  • Shippable samples and visualizations for every decor

  • Exact number of roof trusses can be delivered

Over 100 wood designs

Available on these products:

Free sample shipping for business customers

Would you like to convince yourself of the true-to-original quality, appearance and feel of our products? Register now in the SUN WOOD business portal and receive a free SUN WOOD A4 sample box.

Any format available on short notice

At SUN WOOD, we think in terms of dimensions: from the 6 x 2 meter three-layer panel to wood beams 15 meters in length—special dimensions aren’t a problem for us! You are also welcome to order our products in any other format.

Wood design from all around the world

Our wood decors don’t come from just anywhere, you know! We collect unique woods from all around the world and reproduce their look and feel on local wood. Check out our products for yourself!

Glulam beams and composite lumber

A roof truss in a reclaimed wood design? No problem! At SUN WOOD, not only do our in-house wood beams have the distinct look of reclaimed wood, we can also use the special SUN WOOD printing and surface technology to transform the aesthetic of existing or tied roof trusses into reclaimed wood. Wood joints such as the half lap (flat), half lap (standing), tenon splice, tenon half lap splice, hoe half lap, tanner splice, etc. pose no problems for our refining process.

SUN WOOD in use

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