Visualisierung Furniture Linoleum Burnt Wood




with the look & feel of burnt wood

Furniture Linoleum

furniture linoleum burnt wood

Furniture Linoleum

finally available in the exclusive BURNT WOOD design!

Furniture Linoleum, made from natural renewable resources, is a traditional material of the highest quality. This slightly elastic material is characterized by a pleasant, distinctive feel. It also has antistatic, slightly fungicidal and bacteriostatic properties. Furniture Linoleum is extremely versatile and easy to work with. It can be easily pressed with all common wood-based substrates.

Nowadays Furniture Linoleum is again increasingly used in furniture construction. It is suitable both for the creation of creative design furniture and for particularly durable pieces of furniture such as children’s room furniture, tables, counters and counters.

Now Furniture Linoleum with the unique look and feel of burnt wood is available exclusively at SUN WOOD!

Material: Forbo Furniture Linoleum
Design: BURNT WOOD 19 Ltech
Formats: 3050 x 1830 x 2 mm
1200 x 1830 x 2mm
Other formats upon request
Applications: Furniture construction and interior design
3-Schichtplatten Altholz grau

A touch of Japanese culture

Inspired by the ancient Japanese technique “Shou-Sugi-Ban“, we transform natural materials derived from renewable resources into stunning furniture fronts that perfectly mimic the look and feel of burnt wood. Our unique finishing technology reproduces the charred look and feel down to the smallest detail – without the annoying drawbacks such as staining, pesky soot particles or the unpleasant smell of burning. This makes the material the ideal choice for building exclusive furniture and high-quality interior elements in a more upscale style.

Unmistakably unique

In many living rooms you can often find the same functional pieces of furniture – and to stand out from the crowd often required a large investment. Furniture Linoleum puts an end to this. The renowned manufacturer Forbo impresses with a revolutionary linoleum application for furniture of various types.

Furniture Linoleum in Burnt Wood design emphasizes the uniqueness of each piece of furniture and visually enhances them. It will give your room a first-class, incomparable and noble atmosphere, without creating unpleasant burning smells of original charred wood.