Visualisierung Wand Schlafzimmer Burnt Wood

Burnt Wood 19 Ltech


Wall panels

with an impressive look & feel of burnt wood

3-layer panels

Visualisierung Wand Schlafzimmer Burnt Wood

Three-layer panels

in authentic design of charred wood

The versatile SUN WOOD 3-layer panel are now available in BURNT WOOD Design! Using an innovative printing and surface finishing technique, we give our multi-layer solid wood panels the unique look and feel of charred wood. In doing so, we reproduce the authentic look of burnt wood down to the smallest detail without actually being burnt.

SUN WOOD 3-layer panels in BURNT WOOD design are the ideal choice for timelessly elegant wall and ceiling cladding as well as eye-catchers for use in store and trade fair construction.

Material: 3-layer panel made of spruce wood
Quality: C+/C | B/C+
Design: BURNT WOOD 19 Ltech
Surface: 3D haptics
Formats: 2990 x 1000 x 19 mm
1490 x 1000 x 19 mm
1200 x 666 x 19 mm
Other formats and thicknesses available on request
Areas of application: Wall- and ceiling cladding
Certifications (optional): Fire protection certified
Sauna certified
IMO certified
3-Schichtplatten Shabby Look
3-Schichtplatte im verkohlten Look

Burnt wood – Deceptively real!

SUN WOOD 3-layer panels in BURNT WOOD design emphasize the uniqueness of any modern interior concept, create fascinating highlights in the interior and give your room an exclusive, individual and elegant atmosphere without leaving unpleasant burning smells.

Note: Separation cuts and blanks available on request.

Yakisugi look for your interior project

The Japanese trend of wood finishing called Yakisugi conquers Germany and Austria. In this method, wood is refined by charring to give it a special look and natural protection. Originally known as Yakisugi in Japan, the technique is called Shou Sugi Ban in western Japan. Even Romans and Vikings used carbonized wood in Europe for huts and ships. Yakisugi wood is ideal for facades and wall cladding.

At SUN WOOD, we reproduce this look through an innovative printing and finishing technique for your custom use cases.