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We at SUN WOOD have made it our business to make unique wood accessible for creative room solutions. We reproduce the most beautiful wood of the world on a variety of supporting materials and thus offer versatile product solutions for individual projects. From architects, shop fitters, exhibition stand builders, to hoteliers, carpenters and joiners – our products serve a wide range of industries. An international dealer network guarantees quick availability and low transport costs.

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SUN WOOD Händler werden

SUN WOOD for Timer Traders

Reclaimed wood from PEFC certified, local forestry – free from pollutants, worms or nails: that’s only available at SUN WOOD! We think in dimensions and offer 3-layer panels in 6 x 2 meters or wooden beams in a length of 15 meters.

SUN WOOD Händler werden
Architekten mit SUN WOOD
Architekten mit SUN WOOD

SUN WOOD for Architects and Planners

Think, plan and build with various supporting materials: We offer more than 100 unique wood designs for individual furnishing projects.

SUN WOOD for Shopfitters & Booth Builders

Extraordinary wood design for your sales area: SUN WOOD gives your sales area or exhibition booth a special ambience with reclaimed wood, concrete or burnt wood designs.

SUN WOOD for Hoteliers

Give your hotel rooms a stunning style with unusual wood decors. Whether it’s wall covering, furniture fronts, doors, tables or a sauna area you are after, we pair unique wood design with a variety of supporting materials to lend your hotel premises an individual, cozy atmosphere.

Möbelbau und Innenausstattung im Altholz Design

SUN WOOD for Joiners

Exceptional pieces of furniture in unique reclaimed wood design or creative wall coverings – SUN WOOD decors are available on various supporting materials. Guaranteed pest-, pesticide-, nail- and worm-free.

Möbelbau und Innenausstattung im Altholz Design

SUN WOOD for Carpenters

Reclaimed wood for static planning? No problem with SUN WOOD beams in original reclaimed wood design! We think in dimensions and make every format available on short notice.