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Sustainable furniture construction: Furniture Linoleum

2023-11-27T10:20:52+01:00Friday, 27. October 2023|

Furniture Linoleum Brand new in the SUN WOOD range A material that is 98% natural: Furniture Linoleum is a new material in the SUN WOOD range that is made from renewable resources. The material consists of linseed oil, resins, wood and limestone flour and is characterized by a pleasant feel. We finish the surface of the FORBO furniture linoleum with plain colors and our versatile designs using scratch-resistant paint. We also use large-format laser and milling systems to create 3D haptic surface designs such as charred optics or true-to-life bark designs. Find out more about this brand new product: Read more

New in our collection: SICILY 67

2022-08-31T12:04:20+02:00Monday, 25. July 2022|

// SICILY 67 Mediterranean flair joins the SUN WOOD collection With SICILY 67, a lively new reclaimed wood design joins the SUN WOOD collection. Red-brown to caramel runs the color scheme of the weathered boards, whose originals come from the Italian island of Sicily. Collector and company owner Arno Stainer brought the boards from his travels to Salzburg, where they are now reproduced. The surface of the design is chopped and brushed by hand, creating a particularly authentic look and feel. In the form of wall coverings, furniture fronts, doors and more, the design becomes an expressive eye-catcher. To the Design

Now trending: OAK ISTRIA 700

2022-08-31T13:43:51+02:00Saturday, 25. June 2022|

// OAK ISTRIA 700 Bright oak wood design for modern furnishing projects Light wood tones and oak wood are in vogue and make the SUN WOOD design OAK ISTRIA 700 a popular sales hit 2022. With its delicate grain, it radiates friendliness and naturalness and finds its place both next to modern and classic furnishings. The brushed surface of the decor provides a particularly authentic feel. To the design Order a sample

New Reclaimed Wood Design: // COTTAGE 65

2022-03-01T13:29:25+01:00Tuesday, 1. March 2022|

// COTTAGE 65 From a historic barn floor to the SUN WOOD collection May we present? The brand new design // COTTAGE 65 joins the SUN WOOD reclaimed wood collection. As the floor of a former barn from Salzburg‘s Saalachtal, the boards have developed an incomparable surface design over the decades. The planks were saved from being demolished and are now reproduced in a particularly authentic way in the form of various wooden supporting materials. Rustic wall paneling, trendy floor or special furniture front? Like all SUN WOOD decors, // COTTAGE 65 is available in form of 3-layer panels, MDF, plywood and chipboard, tongue and groove boards, beams, veneers, table tops, doors or as flooring. Look & Feel The surface of the design // COTTAGE 65 is chopped by hand, creating a particularly authentic look & feel.  Convincing advantages Consistent quality - on a variety of different supporting materials Naturally free of bugs & harmful substances Easy and quick processing due to large panel formats To the Design Send a request

Inspired by our forests: BARK 804 Ltech

2021-09-21T11:33:10+02:00Tuesday, 14. September 2021|

Brand new in our range: the design // BARK 804 Ltech Inspired by the beauty of our forests With our brand new SUN WOOD design // BARK 804 Ltech, nature can be felt, seen and experienced in your room! Inspired by the beauty of our forests, we reproduce the look and feel of a tree bark in an authentic way using our innovative surface technology.  On various wooden supporting materials, the design creates a lively surface that delights with indentations and a tangibly natural, dark brown to caramel-colored grain. Advantage over its original Compared to original bark, the design has a clear advantage! It does not crumble when touched and is therefore much easier to handle and clean. It is also guaranteed free of vermin and harmful substances. In the form of large panels it can be mounted particularly easy. Versatile in use Multilayer poplar wood is used to reproduce the bark design in a particularly authentic way.  Using innovative surface and laser treatment, we give the wood a three-dimensional surface that inspires both visually and haptically! The unique design is available on various products and thus allows universal use in creative room concepts: Multilayer poplar wood in the maximum format: 2520 x 920 x 18 mm. "Stil-Brett" 3D wall panels in the format: 800 x 200 x 15 or 18 mm Stick-it Mosaic, self-adhesive plywood panel in the format: 200 x 200 x 6 mm Also available sauna certified on poplar wood. Format: 2830 x 1030 x 15 mm To the design Get in touch

Kitchen with a story

2020-01-24T10:17:38+01:00Tuesday, 13. August 2019|

Design meets tradition Reclaimed wood in private homes or in gastronomy is in great demand. With original or simple wood as wall covering, ceiling cladding or as tabletops, many modern living areas get an individual touch. Also in kitchen planning the use of reclaimed wood becomes more and more popular.  The fields of applications are unlimited. No matter if the back wall, kitchen front, bar element, seating area or shelf – let your imagination run free in kitchen design. Clear lines with contrasting shiny stainless steel, lacquered fronts or original natural stone in combination with reclaimed wood elements bring a unique flair to your dream kitchen. Weathered boards with wood spots and nail holes of a demolished roof truss become the highlight in the kitchen. In Pforzheim at Küchen & Co our decor attic board decorates the ceiling and the wall of a sample kitchen. Bring the charm of bygone days into your kitchen with old floorboards from the attic // Design: Attic Board 46

3-layer panels now certified for shipbuilding

2020-01-24T10:17:00+01:00Thursday, 18. July 2019|

Our 3-layer panels are now also approved for shipbuilding. Wood as building material and complying the fire protection at the same time often sounds like a contradiction. But we combine the fire protection criteria with the rustic flair of reclaimed wood. According to IMO criteria, our 3-layer spruce wood panels with fire retardant and multi-colored coating have been tested for flame retardancy and can now also be used for wall and floor design for ship interior finishing. The IMO is the International Maritime Organization. Their aim is to improve the safety of the maritime and develop safety standards.

Progressive Web App

2021-07-23T09:48:11+02:00Thursday, 13. June 2019|

SUN WOOD Progressive Web App THE tool for distributors, agents and resellers. ACTUAL - INTERACTIVE - ACROSS MULTIPLE DEVICES Use our App on nearly all devices. No matter if on the TV in your salesroom or on your tablet or notebook on the way. You only need a browser. With two clicks directly on your smartphone! 1. Scan QR-code with your smartphone or tablet 2. Open the App on www.stainer-sunwood.com/app/ 3. Add on home-screen What are you waiting for?  Easy Installation First of all open the App in a browser and then ... iOS: Click at Safari to the share-buttonand then add with click on home-screen icon. Android: Click at Chrome to the three points in the top right side and then „add to home-screen“. Contact Do you have questions about the app or our products? Please contact the following persons Eva Steinberger Sale assistant +43 6588 84 40-13 e.steinberger@stainer.co.at Harry Faistauer Sale & Consultation +43 6588 84 40-72 h.faistauer@stainer.co.at Eva Pfannhauser Production manager +43 6588 84 40-53 e.pfannhauser@stainer.co.at

Wormy reclaimed wood without worms

2020-01-24T10:20:16+01:00Wednesday, 22. May 2019|

There is no worm inside! Woodworm infested reclaimed wood, without ever having a woodworm gnawed in it. Sounds a bit strange, but it is possible. Our SUN WOOD design „wormwood“ has detailed worm grooves and escape holes in the wood surface like real wormed wood. No hungry woodworms that have eaten lanes through the wood. Using a special process creates the typical wormholes and cracks that give the wood its extraordinary character. As a result, our beams and boards are dimensionally stable and resistant. Create a rustic and individual atmosphere with our wormed 3-layer panels, profile boards or reclaimed wood rafters and create your own personal wellness oasis. Our wormwood was installed by our Spanish distributor Esteba for an exciting project in Barcelona – completely without drilling dust. Parts of the wall were cladded and shelves were made. The design is available in brown and gray. // Design: 24 WORMWOOD

We invest in quality and consistency

2019-10-29T09:22:53+01:00Tuesday, 7. May 2019|

Your satisfaction is important to us. In order to make our wood even more robust, all brushed 3-layer panels will be lacquered with an additional transparent, water-soluble protective varnish. The additional protective varnish increases the protection of reclaimed wood and ensures higher resistance and perfect functionality. The lasting value and abrasion resistance of our wood is enhanced, so you have a long pleasure with your reclaimed wood furniture such as stools, benches, wardrobes, cabintes etc. also in high use. This will be particularly pleasing to carpenters who process SUN WOOD wood. Since the quality of our products is in the foreground, we lacquer the brushed panels with no extra costs!


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