Wandelement im Rindendesign

Brand new in our range: the design // BARK 804 Ltech

Inspired by the beauty of our forests

With our brand new SUN WOOD design // BARK 804 Ltech, nature can be felt, seen and experienced in your room! Inspired by the beauty of our forests, we reproduce the look and feel of a tree bark in an authentic way using our innovative surface technology.  On various wooden supporting materials, the design creates a lively surface that delights with indentations and a tangibly natural, dark brown to caramel-colored grain.

Advantage over its original

Compared to original bark, the design has a clear advantage! It does not crumble when touched and is therefore much easier to handle and clean. It is also guaranteed free of vermin and harmful substances. In the form of large panels it can be mounted particularly easy.

Dekor Rinde

Versatile in use

Multilayer poplar wood is used to reproduce the bark design in a particularly authentic way.  Using innovative surface and laser treatment, we give the wood a three-dimensional surface that inspires both visually and haptically!

The unique design is available on various products and thus allows universal use in creative room concepts:

  • Multilayer poplar wood in the maximum format: 2520 x 920 x 18 mm.
  • “Stil-Brett” 3D wall panels in the format: 800 x 200 x 15 or 18 mm
  • Stick-it Mosaic, self-adhesive plywood panel in the format: 200 x 200 x 6 mm

Also available sauna certified on poplar wood.
Format: 2830 x 1030 x 15 mm