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Brand new oak wood designs

2024-02-20T19:39:58+01:00Tuesday, 20. February 2024|

Oak wood on trend We are expanding our range with new designs With its natural and particularly beautiful grain, oak is a particularly popular type of wood for all interior design projects. We are expanding our range with seven particularly harmonious oak wood designs. From light shades with subtle markings to rustic grains with pronounced knotholes: these new SUN WOOD designs meet the tastes of different styles. Residence 704 Dolce Vita 705 Andalusien 706 Toskana 708 Bretagne 709 Normandie 710 Discover all decors

Sustainable furniture construction: Furniture Linoleum

2023-11-27T10:20:52+01:00Friday, 27. October 2023|

Furniture Linoleum Brand new in the SUN WOOD range A material that is 98% natural: Furniture Linoleum is a new material in the SUN WOOD range that is made from renewable resources. The material consists of linseed oil, resins, wood and limestone flour and is characterized by a pleasant feel. We finish the surface of the FORBO furniture linoleum with plain colors and our versatile designs using scratch-resistant paint. We also use large-format laser and milling systems to create 3D haptic surface designs such as charred optics or true-to-life bark designs. Find out more about this brand new product: Read more

Lamella: the flexible carrier material

2023-11-21T13:13:22+01:00Wednesday, 20. September 2023|

Lamella: the flexible carrier materialOne material - over 100 designs - and countless possible applicationsLamella is a brand new carrier material in our range. The lightweight and particularly flexible lamella mesh is especially easy to install on a wide variety of surfaces. Whether curves, edges or wave shapes: this material adapts to its substrate and can therefore be used in a wide variety of application areas.Whether reclaimed wood, precious wood, oak or concrete: our designs are now lighter and more flexible than ever before! Lamella not only opens up new possibilities in the fields of architecture, the hotel industry or in store and trade fair construction - there are also no limits to creativity within your own four walls. Learn more

New in our collection: SICILY 67

2022-08-31T12:04:20+02:00Monday, 25. July 2022|

// SICILY 67 Mediterranean flair joins the SUN WOOD collection With SICILY 67, a lively new reclaimed wood design joins the SUN WOOD collection. Red-brown to caramel runs the color scheme of the weathered boards, whose originals come from the Italian island of Sicily. Collector and company owner Arno Stainer brought the boards from his travels to Salzburg, where they are now reproduced. The surface of the design is chopped and brushed by hand, creating a particularly authentic look and feel. In the form of wall coverings, furniture fronts, doors and more, the design becomes an expressive eye-catcher. To the Design

Now trending: OAK ISTRIA 700

2022-08-31T13:43:51+02:00Saturday, 25. June 2022|

// OAK ISTRIA 700 Bright oak wood design for modern furnishing projects Light wood tones and oak wood are in vogue and make the SUN WOOD design OAK ISTRIA 700 a popular sales hit 2022. With its delicate grain, it radiates friendliness and naturalness and finds its place both next to modern and classic furnishings. The brushed surface of the decor provides a particularly authentic feel. To the design Order a sample

New Reclaimed Wood Design: // COTTAGE 65

2022-03-01T13:29:25+01:00Tuesday, 1. March 2022|

// COTTAGE 65 From a historic barn floor to the SUN WOOD collection May we present? The brand new design // COTTAGE 65 joins the SUN WOOD reclaimed wood collection. As the floor of a former barn from Salzburg‘s Saalachtal, the boards have developed an incomparable surface design over the decades. The planks were saved from being demolished and are now reproduced in a particularly authentic way in the form of various wooden supporting materials. Rustic wall paneling, trendy floor or special furniture front? Like all SUN WOOD decors, // COTTAGE 65 is available in form of 3-layer panels, MDF, plywood and chipboard, tongue and groove boards, beams, veneers, table tops, doors or as flooring. Look & Feel The surface of the design // COTTAGE 65 is chopped by hand, creating a particularly authentic look & feel.  Convincing advantages Consistent quality - on a variety of different supporting materials Naturally free of bugs & harmful substances Easy and quick processing due to large panel formats To the Design Send a request

Inspired by our forests: BARK 804 Ltech

2021-09-21T11:33:10+02:00Tuesday, 14. September 2021|

Brand new in our range: the design // BARK 804 Ltech Inspired by the beauty of our forests With our brand new SUN WOOD design // BARK 804 Ltech, nature can be felt, seen and experienced in your room! Inspired by the beauty of our forests, we reproduce the look and feel of a tree bark in an authentic way using our innovative surface technology.  On various wooden supporting materials, the design creates a lively surface that delights with indentations and a tangibly natural, dark brown to caramel-colored grain. Advantage over its original Compared to original bark, the design has a clear advantage! It does not crumble when touched and is therefore much easier to handle and clean. It is also guaranteed free of vermin and harmful substances. In the form of large panels it can be mounted particularly easy. Versatile in use Multilayer poplar wood is used to reproduce the bark design in a particularly authentic way.  Using innovative surface and laser treatment, we give the wood a three-dimensional surface that inspires both visually and haptically! The unique design is available on various products and thus allows universal use in creative room concepts: Multilayer poplar wood in the maximum format: 2520 x 920 x 18 mm. "Stil-Brett" 3D wall panels in the format: 800 x 200 x 15 or 18 mm Stick-it Mosaic, self-adhesive plywood panel in the format: 200 x 200 x 6 mm Also available sauna certified on poplar wood. Format: 2830 x 1030 x 15 mm To the design Get in touch

Brand new: Precious Wood Slabs

2021-08-23T10:56:29+02:00Monday, 14. June 2021|

Precious Wood Slabs Decorative Wall Elements - Reproduced True to the Original Clear the rainforest to place exotic wood in our four walls? No thanks! With our expressive wooden panels in original precious wood design, we still don’t have to do without the unique design of these woods. Whether as a particularly stylish room divider, as an ornamental wall element or even as a gateway to the next room: with our large-area log panels, we succeed in creating an expressive eye-catcher in noble rooms ... Read more

Self-Adhesive Wood Veneers

2021-04-14T11:17:57+02:00Tuesday, 2. March 2021|

Self Adhesive Wood Veneers in reclaimed wood or precious wood design Using an innovative printing process, we give real spruce veneers the unique design of reclaimed wood, precious wood, oak wood, even concrete! Whether you are thinking about doors, cupboards, glass walls, or an old bed back panel that no longer suits your taste: With our extraordinary veneers, furniture can quickly and easily be covered and upgraded ... Read more

Decorative moldings and wood beams

2020-06-30T14:58:31+02:00Monday, 29. June 2020|

Decorative moldings and wood beams in industrial designs Loft character for hotel rooms, shop fitting or at home We open up brand new possibilities for all those who want to provide their rooms with a special loft-character! Whether it’s a concrete, rust or iron surface – SUN WOOD solid wood beams and our brand-new decorative moldings in industrial designs are the perfect addition to modern room concepts! Realize your individual interior ideas with statically plannable solid wood beams and creative decorative moldings! Read more


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