Holzdruck auf Wand

Pictures are popular gifts for special events. Just submit photos printed directly on wood. Special interior require special technology: wood print.

Huge paintings, landscapes and patterns printed directly on a 3-layer panel ensure a particularly unusual design.

Due to some years of experience in woodprinting, SUN WOOD can not only print on materials such as paper, polycarbonate, foil and glass but also on wood. Wood print makes it possible

3-layer panels made of spruce wood are excellent for that. The panels can be brushed before the printing process, which makes the look very natural. Brushed wood is more natural and rustic than a smooth wooden board.

Picture on wood

You would like to have a photo, a work of art or an advertisement displayed directly on wood? Even small orders from one piece onwards are no problem for us. We make your personal unique. From personal memories and gifts to large picture prints of black and white photos.

You can buy finished pictures on wood in our wood-onlineshop. You can buy soon your own picture on wood in our printshop.

Advertising material on wood

digitaldruckWooden prints are something special and you can see it. In this area we can offer you the following services:

  • Advertising boards made of wood
  • Advertising material made of wood
  • Menus made of wood

Wood print in large size

We have almost no limits to the size. Wood panels with 2.5 x 1.25 or 5 x 2 meters (98.43“ x 49.21“ or 196.85“ x 78.74“ in) are our standard dimensions which are printed regularly. Due to the reasion that our special printers are variable in height also higher formats up to approx. 30 cm (11.81“ in) are possible.

House and timber construction

SUN WOOD demonstrates that even direct printing on prefabricated parts and cross laminated timber is possible. Large, solid wooden parts can be refined with our wood print.

BBS Platte mit Fotomotive (Holzdruck)

With the help of modern digital printing, we can print photos directly on wood. For example, parts of cross laminated timber which are used in prefabricated construction can be printed directly.

This enables completely new possibilities in the interior design. As neither a foil nor a veneer is used, the haptic and warmth of the natural wood surface is preserved. This makes a big difference and is a sign of quality.

Do you want to have a landscape in your bathroom? No problem, wood print makes it possible.