There is no worm inside!

Woodworm infested reclaimed wood, without ever having a woodworm gnawed in it.

Sounds a bit strange, but it is possible. Our SUN WOOD design „wormwood“ has detailed worm grooves and escape holes in the wood surface like real wormed wood.

No hungry woodworms that have eaten lanes through the wood.

Using a special process creates the typical wormholes and cracks that give the wood its extraordinary character. As a result, our beams and boards are dimensionally stable and resistant.

Create a rustic and individual atmosphere with our wormed 3-layer panels, profile boards or reclaimed wood rafters and create your own personal wellness oasis.

Our wormwood was installed by our Spanish distributor Esteba for an exciting project in Barcelona – completely without drilling dust. Parts of the wall were cladded and shelves were made. The design is available in brown and gray.

// Design: 24 WORMWOOD