chipped & brushed surface

Our wood surfaces are one of a kind!

Noticeable feel



Hand chopped & brushed

Unique wooden surfaces

Before our wood materials are finished with SUN WOOD decors, they get a special surface treatment. Depending on the material and decor, the products are chipped or brushed by hand. It emphasizes the natural grain of the local spruce wood panels for a three-dimensional surface look and feel. Upon request, you can decide for yourself which surface your favorite is.

Altholz Saloon 06

Chipped by hand

The surface is both brushed and chipped by hand so new wood is transformed into reclaimed wood. The surface appears very three-dimensional and has a rustic look. Available for:

Altholz Saloon 06


If a wood surface is brushed, the typical wood grain comes out to ensure a pleasant, natural feel. Brushed wood is also suitable for tabletops and is very high in quality, Available for:

Altholz Saloon 06

Slightly brushed

Finer materials like our wood veneers, plywood panels or particleboard are slightly brushed. It emphasizes the typical wood grain and creates a pleasant feel. Available for:

Altholz Saloon 06


If the surface is smooth, our wood materials are printed without chopping or brushing them. Especially when it comes to our precious wood tabletops, a smooth surface is a real winner and has a sophisticated appeal. Available for:

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